You Did it!


I am honored, humbled, excited and so many other adjectives because of you. The goal has been met!

** insert BALLOONS! CONFETTI! DANCING! MUSIC! (Jock Jamz ’98) and ABSOLUTE CRAZINESS here!!! ****

Just taking a moment to soak it all in.

46 incredible people came together and made this happen. You, 46 backers, are our new best friends. Some of you I’ve known for years. Many of you have followed Love In Stereo as it’s grown over the past year. Some of you we’ve never met. You come from different states and all types of walks of life. Through the magic of Kickstarter and the love of special needs kids and music – we’ve all been united together.

This is incredible. It’s going to be an awesome next few months.

Thank you.

We have an album to put out. We have songs to write, videos to create and large cardboard checks to present. We also still have 11 days left to see how much more we can raise. The more we raise- the more we’ll be able to give to the team. Keep spreading the story.

There is much left to do. But tonight, we celebrate.

It’s true: one person can make a difference. It’s also very true that lots of people together can make a huge difference. Thank you for coming together.

You guys are loud,

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