Our latest album, One For The Team, is the result of a lot of love. We set out from the start to make this something special. 100% of the proceeds go directly towards helping Special Needs Athletics build a new field. It’s an important cause and we wanted some of our favorite artists to be involved. The album would be nothing without the support from these amazingly talented people . . .

Here’s a few reasons we love Shaky Voices:

1. He’s been with us from the beginning. He just had to bring his music back for our second album because he’s just way too cool. You may remember his song “Lets make an album tonight” as the first track on our first album My Heart is in Haiti. Shaky even performed at our first album release party. Shaky and LIS go way back so we just had to keep him on the second album.

2. He’s wickedly inventive. We’ve been told that to make some of his music he doesn’t always use your average Gibson or Casio. Things like empty computer cases, boxes and children’s toys have been known to make appearances in his recordings. Sounds like equipment that would be perfect for a children’s album right?

3. His music is worth spreading. His quirky style and inventive lyrics make for the perfect addition to any music library. If you like what you heard on our One For the Team Album you can find more awesome hits like “Phil Collin’s Head” and “So Cool” for free on his Bandcamp Page.

We are honored and excited to once again have Shaky Voices join us in our newest effort to help those in need. You can find his track “Ken Griffey Jr.’s Rookie Card” alongside several other songs on our new album One for the Team.

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