Thanks to everyone for your response to the Love Your Neighborhood campaign so far. We want to do a project in your town! We’re on a mission to help people across the globe and it starts right next door. Help us.

Here’s what this is all about:

Discovery. We want to find the unique needs different neighborhoods have. We want to meet new people and places. We’re hoping to discover interesting and effective ways people are helping their communities. Help us discover these!

Collaboration. We want to see different people join in together to help meet the needs of people in different towns, states and even countries. We’re looking for people, organizations, artists, and others young and old to team up to help meet needs in unique ways.

Action. At the end of the day we hope to have moved people into action wherever they are. We think that through discovery and collaboration we can all take action in some powerful ways that make a deep and lasting impact!

We’re ready! Are you?

How you can start:
Tell us about your neighborhood. Email or comment now!

As we mentioned yesterday, our first project is in Portland, Oregon and is going on right now. Next week we’ll be sharing some ways you can help make a difference in the neighborhoods there and some stories of what’s happened so far.

Looking forward to seeing what we can all do together. Help us spread the love. Email or comment below now!


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    12:04 am on June 26th, 2012

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