The Movement Begins

You guys are incredible. Within hours of launching our online store we have been flooded with orders and amazing feedback. You’ve offered up your support and your services.

When we first started dreaming and scheming about this little thing we never imagined so many great things could happen so quickly. We should’ve been prepared for all this love. It is, after all, central to what Love In Stereo is all about. We believe there are tons of people out there just waiting for a chance to make a difference in the world. So far – you’ve proved us right.

Several of you have asked how you can pitch in.

How YOU can help Love In Stereo RIGHT NOW:

Buy a shirt in our online store. This is a chance for people to donate $12 and know that every cent is going to Haiti. Seriously. The price of the shirts was donated. Spread the word about this awesome opportunity.

Get inspired. Visit our Mission and our Join Us pages. Check them out and see where the inspiration takes you.

Be our friend. Follow us on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook. We need you to spread the love. Tell your friends about us online. Tell folks at school, your dental hygeinist, your dog – everyone you meet. Let’s make this loud.

Stay tuned to the blog. We have some exciting stuff to share with you: band interviews, cool videos, creative and innovative world changers. It’s going to be good. Real good.

Talk to us. We want to hear from you. Comment here on the blog or drop us a message directly via email.

Together we’re louder.

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  1. Johnny:

    Love in Stereo RULES!

    2:08 pm on February 9th, 2010

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