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On Friday, August 6, Love In Stereo is going on a field trip.

At One Twelve Gallery in Atlanta, our friends Plywood People are hosting a gathering of leaders and thinkers to hear Scott Belsky, founder of the Behance Network and best-selling author, and 5 local innovators in their fields talk about what they do, what drives them, and what they are working on to address social needs in their communities. The day is all about meeting like-minded people, getting inspired for the next big project, and start moving all of our ideas into reality to make our world just a little bit better.

About “Making Ideas Happen”, I think Plywood People’s website says it best: “We will be known by the problems we solve. Imagine a collaborative community inspiring new ideas and actually birthing those ideas into existence. Ideas are sparked continuously, yet few initiate those ideas into true social change. As we embark on a new day of entrepreneurial thinking, the idea people that will rise in influence will be the select few that can organize their creative concepts into actionable projects.”

To find out more about Plywood Presents: Making Ideas Happen, check out their website and read more about the awesome lineup of speakers and register to be there with us, too. (And if you do decide to go, let us know, we’d love to meet up.) Here’s a heads up though: The dirt-cheap price of 69 bucks goes to $79 after July 1, so if you want in on the cheaper price you’d better hurry. Do it. It’ll be worth it. Start getting inspired to change the world.

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