Our latest album, One For The Team, was a labor of love. We set out from the start to make this something special. 100% of the proceeds go directly towards helping Special Needs Athletics build a new field. It’s an important cause and we wanted some of our favorite artists to be involved. The album would be nothing without the support from these amazingly talented people . . .

Here are just a few of the reasons why we love SUPERCUTE!

Some band names can be misleading (Barenaked Ladies, Extreme, Good Charlotte) yet every so often there comes a band that can be perfectly defined by the name on their drumkit. Supercute! is that band. The infectiously catchy “Hula Hoop Song” featured on our album One For The Team is the creation of this indie teen pop band from Brooklyn, NY. To say we were thrilled when this song came into our inbox would be a total understatement. We couldn’t wait to share this song because it’s the perfect fit for the fun little album we were trying to create.

1. Rachel Trachtenburg is the coolest. Just deal with it. She was in a band at age 7 touring the country with her family, The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players. She’s an artist. She’s had her own television show. She makes cool handmade dolls. When she’s not wowing audiences she’s also an activist, speaking out on issues she’s passionate about. She’s assembled a supercool team to create music on her own terms.

2. Kids need to see cool kids making music. We hope some kids get inspired to start their own ukulele powered band with their friends. Somehow these girls have risen above the introspective angsty music most teens write and instead sing about happy things. The band even has a song titled “To Not Write About Boys”.

3. Kate Nash is recording and producing their upcoming album. Their currently untitled debut is described by the band as “our psychedelic-indie-acoustic-pop opus”. We can only hope the album sees the light of day soon. You, in fact, can help make it happen! Check out the Kickstarter campaign for the album. There’s only a few days left! Help these kids out – they helped us.

Help SUPERCUTE! make their first album.
Buy SUPERCUTE! music.
Buy your copy of ONE FOR THE TEAM!

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