Last night we celebrated the launch of Love In Stereo. It was an awesome night and a special moment for us all. Video and photo of all the fun is on the way. Until then, we wanted to share with you how the evening began. What follows is a good summation of what this thing is and could become:

Tonight we have gathered to celebrate the start of something new. Something we hope can inspire and provoke change.

When we set out to start Love In Stereo we didn’t say – the world needs another cause – another charity – another organization. What we did say was: the world needs you. We’ve met you. We’ve seen you. We know what you are capable of and it’s time we all banded together to make something happen.

This is an open call to all artists, writers, bloggers, speakers, musicians, dreamers, electricians, plumbers, mathematicians, filmmakers, pizza delivery dudes, students, teachers and friends. The world needs you.

The world doesn’t need more critics – those roles are already filled. We need more people who are willing to create. We live in a society that is often quick to criticize and slow to create. Let us create. Create art. Moments. Opportunities. Creators become answers and solutions and throw out into the world something it so desperately needs: hope and joy.

I cannot build walls. I cannot donate large piles of money. I can help to bring hope and joy. We all can.

Many of you are wondering what Love In Stereo is. Let me first tell you what it is not.

This is not a club. There are no members, dues or funny hats. Anyone who chooses action instead of inaction is a part.

On our blog we will be telling stories of people who are creating and taking action. This is where causes, culture and collaboration hang out, be friends and eat cookies. There are some great stories, but we hope to one day to tell your story.

We hope to create ways we can all make a difference. We’re only a baby. This thing isn’t a toddler yet. We’re in our infancy and we already have some great things going on and some great things in the works.

Our first mission was to help our friends in Port-au-Prince. There Roberta Edwards runs an orphanage and nutrition center where over 150 Haitian children are fed daily. We knew we wanted to do something. It would’ve been easy to send a check and be done, but we decided to see how much more we could do with that donation if we gave it the chance to grow. We took that donation and created two shirts: My Heart Is In Haiti and another that says Haiti? Me Likey. So far we’ve raised over $1,000 and tonight we hope to raise more.

Our next project: A compilation album benefiting the children’s home In Haiti. It was a long shot, but we invited 16 indie artists that we love and respect to donate a song to this project. These artists have all given not only their music, but their full support and enthusiasm to what has grown into an album we’re all really proud of. Two of the artists who are a part of this album are here tonight: Joel Rakes and Shaky Voices. The My Heart Is In Haiti album is available for pre-order tonight. Those of you who order will receive a special invitation to our upcoming listening party and it’s going to be awesome.

We are also already hard at work on our second album which will be a kids album. The proceeds from this will go to the Special Needs Baseball Team in Jackson, TN. They’re trying to build a new stadium that makes playing ball accessible and fun these amazing kids.

We want this to spread to towns everywhere. We’d love to have reps on college campuses across the country. Tell everyone in your hometown about us. Spread the word about our blog. Share our videos. Post your photos on Facebook. Purchase the album. Wear a shirt. Tell us if you know somebody doing something amazing. Share with us that great idea you have that could change the world. Bring things to our attention.

Take action. That is our call tonight. Imagine what things could look like when we all come together to make something happen. Let’s create instead of criticize. Let’s be a part of something bigger. Let’s put joy and hope into the world. Let’s give the world Love in Stereo.


  1. Jennifer Gerhardt:

    Yay! I feel like I’ve just been prepped for battle. Very Henry V meets Braveheart meets something less violent and more love-y. :)

    9:59 pm on March 8th, 2010
  2. Todd:

    Agreed! Very inspiring. Thanks for posting. Wish I could’ve been there! Looking forward to what’s next!

    2:02 am on March 9th, 2010

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