Why We Love Snowglobe

Our latest album, One For The Team, is the result of a lot of love. We set out from the start to make this something special. 100% of the proceeds go directly towards helping Special Needs Athletics build a new field. It’s an important cause and we wanted some of our favorite artists to be involved. The album would be nothing without the support from these amazingly talented people . . .

Here are just a few reasons why we love SNOWGLOBE:

1. They are at the center of a really cool collective called Makeshift Music. It’s purpose is to serve as an outlet and motivator for the creation and distribution of Memphis art. These guys are a supergroup made up of talented southern dudes who blend old and new to create a truly unique sound. They are also instigators for the creation of a lot of really great work.

2. Infinitely creative. Their music can go from southern rock to beach pop to psychedelic in an instant. Perhaps much of their diversity stems from the wealth of projects the group is involved in. These guys dip their toes in film, art and loads of other endeavors. Our pal Jeff Hulett even had a track on our first album My Heart Is In Haiti (as Jeffrey James & the Haul) and helps head up Rock for Love, an annual benefit concert series that helps bring healthcare to those who need it via the Church Health Center in Memphis.

3. Their music needs a wider audience. You might have seen the guys on MTV a few years ago. They were one of the bands featured on $5 Cover, a short series from director and Memphis native Craig Brewer. They’ve since continued to create interesting and remarkable music that demands to be heard. Check out what Pitchfork had to say about last May’s release from the band, Little More Lived In:

“It’s an interesting exercise to go through their five albums in order, ending with this one, and consider where the indie rock mainstream was in relation to this band for each of them. When they were first starting out, they were on the fringe, but their style of emotionally straightforward, heavily arranged music has become one of the defining sounds of indie rock.” – PITCHFORK

We could not be happier to have Snowglobe’s track ‘Happy’ as part of our album One For The Team! Thanks to these guys for creating great music and using it to help such a special cause. We love Snowglobe!

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