Slacktivist No More

Can’t I just buy a bracelet?
There’s too much pain and unfairness.
Can’t we just raise awareness?
Just sell me a bracelet. I’ll do my part.
I’ll feel sorry for the homeless man who lives out of a cart.

I changed my profile pic and posted on Facebook.
Don’t you understand how much courage that took?
I bought the shoes and the t-shirt and I wear them proudly.
Expressions of a future I believe in – and I’ll scream it loudly.

But what makes things change? Am I wrong to consume?
I’m just doing whatever I know best to do.
It’s not that I’m unloving or lazy or mean.
I’m just reflecting the culture I know and I’ve seen.

Something’s not right. There has to be more.
I’m no longer content to just stand on the shore.
Every little bit helps – that old saying is true.
But nothing would change if everyone did as I do.

The needs are much bigger than just you or me
We have to unite and share more than money.
We’re meant to be more than just disillusioned.
It’s time to take time. The world begs for solutions.

I’m meant to DO. BE. LIVE. and LOVE.
But still:
There are times
I wish buying a bracelet were enough.

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