Today we want to repost something special. This is an interview Shannon did with our friends She Dances back in February. We originally posted this on March 1, but wanted to share it with you today because:

1. Our audience has grown since then. (Yay!)
2. Right now is a pivotal time where you can really help these guys do something special in Honduras.

There are only 7 days left to help them reach their goal of funding a safe house for girls in Honduras. They need 200 people to commit to donating $20 a month. As of writing this they have 104. You have the chance to make a big impact. Help now! Visit to make it happen.

She Dances, a non-profit organization based out of Birmingham, Alabama has a mission to provide healing, hope, and a future for girls who are victims of human trafficking.

“Every girl deserves to dream. Every girl deserves hope. Every girl deserves to love and to be loved. Every girl deserves to dance. When she dances she is alive…when she dances she is free. She’s free to live, to laugh, and to love. She’s free in her heart…she’s free in her spirit. Hope moves within her…beauty finds her. She Dances.

Man…these guys are astounding.

Shannon was able to talk to Jeremy, the founder, and spoke with him about the beginnings of She Dances and what kind of projects they are working on now.

Love In Stereo: How did you get interested in the idea for She Dances?

She Dances: I was volunteering at an event in California and I met a girl who at one point was bought, sold, and held as a slave and was not free and she was there at this event just sharing her story and inspiring people with how she was rescued and has hope now. Later that day, I caught her out of the corner of my eye and I saw that she was spinning around and around and around. It was like a slow motion moment for me like wow, this girl who had no hope, no freedom was spinning around and dancing and playing with children. I knew that that vision would be imprinted on my heart and my life forever and it just hit me in the middle of the night why every girl deserves to dance. Dancing is an expression of freedom. So that’s where the actual name comes from. Looking at her dancing, I realized every girl deserves to experience what she is experience now.

LIS: How did it go from an idea to what it is now?

SD: We’re actually a pretty young organization, we’ve only been operating as a non-profit for a little over a year. A lot of things we do are based around art and creativity. We get lots of artists involved whether they are photographers or musicians or painters. Last year our big fundraiser was an art auction. Through that approach, we’ve been able to connect with some amazing people who can talk about us from a stage or feature us on their really popular blog.

LIS: What are some struggles you have had to face?

SD: Working through the administration of a non-profit is a very big task. We’re very much about the passion and the mission itself and sometimes the administration parts aren’t the fun thing, but we still have to have them. Luckily, we have great people who help us with that. And of course, getting funding is always tough. We just try to come up with creative ideas like 10K runs for the cause, a lot of benefit concerts, art auctions, and then we also sell t-shirts which is a cool thing and people can wear the shirt and people ask, “Hey what is that?” and it’s moving people to action and raising awareness.

LIS: What is the “Hope in Honduras” project?

SD: This is a project we started in March of last year. It’s our first big project. We got to a point where we had been raising awareness and having events and doing cool things here and there for the issue but we just knew that we wanted to take action with something hands-on. We have partners and friends in Honduras and run children’s home and school and bring children off the streets. My vision is to have safe homes all over the world for girls who have been victims of human trafficking. So let’s do it. Let’s start this project. So for the past almost year we’ve been raising funds and preparing to open this home in Honduras and bring girls in and give them healing, spiritual renewal, safety and education.

LIS: Tell me about your recent trip to Honduras this past week:

SD: So I just got back from Honduras and we laid a lot of groundwork there. The highlight of the trip was I was able to talk to a young girl there on the street that is being forced to sell her body and forced in to prostitution. It was an amazing thing to sit there and hear her story and talk with her and see that the hurt in her eyes and the need in her life and it was one of those things that definitely is pushing us to open the home any sooner. Our goal is to open the home by April now. During my trip, there was a lot of learning the culture and scoping out places in the city that girls are at high risk to where we will be getting the girls and rescuing them from that lifestyle. It’s hopeful to know that in the very near future we’ll be bringing girls off the street and bring them a future and freedom. It was a great trip.

LIS: How can people get more involved?

SD: We always love connecting to people and seeing what they’re passionate about and seeing their skills and talents whether they are musicians, artists, someone who sews, owns a business or someone who works at a church. We can use all these people to spread awareness and do something awesome so please contact us! A simple and great thing that anyone can do is to buy one of our t-shirts from the online store. When you buy a t-shirt it helps support our mission and you get something tangible in return.

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