Yesterday we opened our hearts to you and revealed our love for SUPERCUTE! If you’ve purchased our latest album One For The Team then you’ve experienced the magic of “The Hula Hoop Song” (and have likely had it stuck in your head ever since.) We adore SUPERCUTE! for their music and for sharing it with us to help the kids of Special Needs Athletics.

The girls are working on their first album and need your help. We told you about their Kickstarter project yesterday, but thought you might want to hear a little bit more from the girls directly. So, here’s a nice little interview we did with one of the coolest girls on the planet, Rachel Trachtenburg:

What can we expect from a full length Supercute! album?
We spend lots of time writing our songs but when recording them we are just too excited for everyone to hear them that we don’t spend much time really making them extra special. We are going to have all of our old time hits plus some new psychedelic never heard before ones with more whistles giggles and harmonies : ) and we also plan to write a song for the album with Kate Nash.

What’s the current band lineup and how’s that going?
SUPERCUTE! is currently consisting of myself Rachel Trachtenburg age 17 on uke, our new drum pad (it’s name is babies bum because its soooo soft) and vocals. Julia Cumming age 15 on uke, guitar and vocals. Julia and I are the original members and commit all our time to the band.

We have two different wonderful girls on keyboard. Olivia Ferrer age 12 & Delilah Brierley age 14. SUPERCUTE! is always a trio but since we are so busy it’s hard to find girls who can stay out late and play shows all the time. So we just split up our events and whoever can make it comes. Its been working out great for everyone!

Kate Nash is producing. That is so awesome. She’s been super supportive of you for a long while now. What are some things you’d say you’ve learned from her?
Kate is one of our favorite people! We have gone on two tours with her, one in the U.S and one was a 12 country tour of Europe. We are really good friends and have lots of fun together. I think that after touring with her so much and watching her on stage every night and seeing how she connects with her fans and really goes for it has inspired us. She is so caring and hard working. She is 24 years old but we are all just so much on the same page as far as wanting to make a difference with our music. We are both evolving so fast as performers and we learn lots for each other. Pretty much just really staying true to who you are and having fun along the way.

What advice would you give to any kids out there wanting to start a band?
It takes lots of work and dedication but if this is something you really want to do it always pays off at the end of the day. Push yourself and see where it takes you. For Julia and I it’s everything to us. Music is one of the best parts of life and making it is even better.

Help SUPERCUTE! make their first album! Do it.

Do you have your copy of One For The Team yet? 100% of the album goes directly to helping the kids of Special Needs Athletics get a new field. Do it.

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