It all started with an email.

We were meeting to discuss plans for future Love In Stereo projects. It was not going well. We were kind of discouraged, for whatever reason, then the email came in. It was from our friend Andy in Fresno, California.

The email told us about how he had a group of teenagers who had been inspired by Love In Stereo. He also told us that they wanted to move into action. They were planning a trip to Portland, Oregon. Why? They heard there were people in need – so off they went. They were on a mission to help in whatever way they could.

Now several months later they are there taking action helping people of all ages, needs and more!

Right now they are working with an area church to support a laundry ministry. Here they are able to do people’s laundry free of charge. It’s about building relationships and meeting needs – physical and spiritual. They are also running a clothing drive, helping clean up spots in the neighborhood and are also scouting for ways you can all pitch in to help! In the coming weeks we’ll be giving you some ways you can directly help the neighborhoods in Portland, Oregon. We’re excited to share with you the stories of their time with the people of Portland. They are an amazing and inspiring group doing beautiful things!

What about your town? What’s the big need there? How can the people reading this blog help you? We want to know! Email us ( or comment below.

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