Playing For Change

This never ceases to inspire me.

If you haven’t seen or heard of Playing for Change do yourself a favor and check out this clip. It’s from the documentary “Playing For Change: Peace Through Music” and features street performers from across the globe singing ‘Stand By Me’.

I’ve probably seen that a million times, but it still gives me chills. Playing For Change is all about ‘connecting the world through music’ – a really cool message that’s moving because it really is possible. That’s what I think gets me about watching these clips. They’re simple and perfectly depict how strong a song can be in uniting people.

Check out this incredible version of Sam Cooke’s A Change Is Gonna Come. It’s already one of my favorite songs, but this version takes it to another level. Here several of the musicians from the above video come together for the first time ever to perform live. This was recorded in New Orleans. It’ll make you believe that change really is coming.

Not sure why, but these clips popped back into my life today and felt the need to share! Check out the Playing For Change website. They’re not just making really cool videos. They are working to build schools, connect students and inspire communities in need through song.

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