We posted a question on Facebook and asked our beloved fans what were some simple projects one could do to help other people in their community. Our friend Cale Sears reminded us of a popular way to help out those in need. With the holiday season, a lot of people are thinking about donating to food banks, here’s one way you can participate in that.

It’s called a Peanut Butter Drive. It’s one simple idea: you and your friends get together and collect as much peanut butter as you can and donate them to local food banks. This idea is so cool, even the Cheesecake Factory held a peanut butter drive, collecting more than 43,000 pounds of the creamy goodness in 2008.

Here’s some facts about Peanut Butter:
• Food Pantries are always in need of jars of peanut butter
• It’s packed with tons nutrients
• We’ve even heard that one jar can feed up to 7 people
• It’s super affordable for making donations
• It has a long shelf life

That’s awesome! How do I do it?
1. Tell your friends–make an event out of it! Announce it at your school, church or in your neighborhood.
2. Collect lots of peanut butter
3. Use the Feeding America Food Bank Search Engine to find a food bank in your area
4. Deliver the peanut butter
5. Take pictures, videos or write to us your story and we’ll “spread” the love to everyone.

Here’s some promotional materials to help you start your own peanut butter drive
8.5×11 Poster
5×7 Card Handout

It’s a simple way to make a big difference in the lives of others.

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  1. Akash:

    If there isn’t a strong falmiy history of peanut allergies in your falmiy, peanuts and peanut products are fine at any point after starting solids.The AAP policy regarding high allergy foods , including peanuts, whole eggs, fish, strawberries, etc. has changed. There is no evidence to support the theory that delaying these foods prevents allergies to them. Although solid foods should not be introduced before 4 to 6 months of age, there is no current convincing evidence that delaying their introduction beyond this period has a significant protective effect on the development of atopic disease regardless of whether infants are fed cow milk protein formula or human milk. This includes delaying the introduction of foods that are considered to be highly allergic, such as fish, eggs, and foods containing peanut protein.

    6:03 am on September 11th, 2012

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