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We are extremely grateful to artist Nathan Durfee for extending his imaginative brush to us and helping bring the album art to life. Discover more of his brilliant work at www.nathandurfee.com.

About One For The Team

Everyone deserves to be a part of a team. Michael Richerson believes that. He founded Special Needs Baseball in the spring of 2009 after sensing a void for special needs athletes, especially children, to participate in sports in West Tennessee. In just a matter of weeks, a baseball league was formed and a grand adventure began.

Special Needs Baseball quickly grew to become Special Needs Athletics in 2010. Athletes from 4 years of age and older now have the opportunity to play organized baseball, basketball, bowling, soccer and mini golf without the fear of ridicule or steep disadvantage. No one sits the bench in this league. Everyone plays with as much or as little assistance as is necessary.

As part of this dream, Richerson and his team of volunteers are currently in the process of raising money to build a half million-dollar synthetic rubber field for the athletes to call their own. They have received a generous donation from the City of Jackson including a piece of property measuring one acre within the West Tennessee Healthcare Sportsplex. In his passion for running and volunteering with SNA, Richerson is also hoping to expand and branch out to other cities and demographics. Special Needs Athletics is growing strong and building to new heights as they give some incredible athletes an equal opportunity to play, learn, grow and succeed in life.

This album would not be possible without the following amazing folks. A big and sincere "Thank You" for making this project possible. We couldn't have done it without you.
Jo Allison, Rob Franks, Matt O, Luke Guard, The Broad St. Kids, Russell Shaw, Katelyn Collison, Wyatt Ayers, Cale Sears, The Secret Drawer Society, Nicole Church, Glenn Weaver, Henry Dodd, Rylan Cox, Titus Smith, Deanna Jordan, Zachary, Nick, Jiminy Cricket, Cindy King, Becky, Blake and Betsy Hesselrode, Ann Marie, Sara Cravens, Leslie Slade, Trina "Foo Fighter" Greer, Chad Biggar, Brian C. Allen, Colton Mulligan, Joseph Thomas, Rachel Roberts, David and Laurie Novak, Robbie and Lexi Novak, Michael Plyler, Kristina Toland, Meg Edwards, Brett Clark, Judy Sartain, Cyndi Dove, Tana, Rachel Stevens, Matt Burgess, Ethan Kershaw, Tabitha Simmons, Matt Atnip, Brittani Burroughs, Russell Epperson, Sarah Tunstall, Kenan Casey, Shelly Tilton, Katie Meggs, Rebecca Kello, Rob Watson, Nicholas Wilson, Molly Risley, Will Norrid, Chris and Chasity Dishman, Presley Dishman, Skylar Singleton, Lisa Humes, Andrew Brown, Bailey Gillreath, Andrew Dodd, and Allison Boyd.