Last May when flooding hit central Tennessee and impacted businesses, homes and entire communities there came an outpouring of support from people across the country. Much good was done to bring relief, but unfortunately there are a few people who are still left in great need. In the coming days we’ll be sharing with you some ways YOU can help.

Today we invite you to help the people of Tent City. The men and women who inhabited this area were forced out and have found themselves spread out in new communities that haven’t been 100% welcoming. Our friend Will Smith (not the actor – but equally handsome) wanted to do something. He’s designed this shirt that displays We Are Nashville. In the aftermath of the flood several We Are Nashville items popped up, but Will wanted to make sure that this time the “we” included the homeless men and women of Tent City.

All of the proceeds from the sale of these shirts will go to help the homeless residents of Nashville’s Tent City who were displaced by the flood, moved from temporary location to temporary location, and are now faced with relocating once again. We will write a check to a group that works closely with the homeless of Nashville and knows their greatest needs. They will determine the best specific way to use the money, specifying only that it be used for Tent City residents.

“Tent Cities are America’s de facto waiting room for affordable and accessible housing. The idea of someone living in a tent in this country says little about the decisions made by those who dwell within and so much more about our nation’s inability to adequately respond to those in need.”
Neil Donovan, National Coalition for the Homeless

Shirts go on sale later this week! Stay tuned.

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