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Roberta Edwards feeds people. While the average Haitian survives on only three meals a week, Roberta has dedicated her life to changing that. In 1997, she created the Sonlight Children's Nutrition Center and now feeds over 120 school children hot meals on a daily basis. Roberta recognizes that this is something she can't do on her own, so she provides jobs for neighborhood women who assist her in preparing these meals. But Roberta's generosity

goes far beyond her dinner table. She opens up her home. Over the years, she has taken care of over 31 children as if they were her own. "I always wanted this to be their home, not an orphanage," she's said. The proceeds of this album go to Roberta and her tireless work for the community of Port-au-Prince. You've helped support not only her, but hundreds of beautiful Haitian children. Let's live out generosity and love in our own communities as well.