Our mission: create a movement of artists, fans and friends united together to make a global impact.

People can be awesome. Many are just looking for ways to help others in need. We hope to point folks in several real directions where they can make an impact. Love In Stereo is a way to unite people behind causes and social good using art, artists and fans.

Mission Diagram

Through our site we hope to tell stories of cultural influencers doing incredible things, unique social innovators making a difference and everyday people using creativity for social good. We hope to be a way you can engage in music, art and change. It’s about taking the things we’re passionate about and making it about the things that matter most.

But Love in Stereo is more than just a website. This is a movement. We don’t want to just tell stories – we want to help start stories too. In addition to highlighting, featuring and blogging about people making changes, we ourselves hope to create ways for you to make a difference. Through events, album releases, web campaigns, and other avenues we hope to create more and more ways for you to impact the world.

Together we’re louder.

Together we’re louder. We believe that. There are countless causes, social innovators, artists and everyday people making a difference in the world. It’s time for creative problem solvers to collaborate and see what we can accomplish together. Imagine what can happen when we all come together. Imagine what kind of impact can be made when our love becomes louder. We’re ready to find out. We’re ready to be a part of that. That’s Love In Stereo.