The Mentoring Project is working to connect fatherless boys in Portland, Oregon with meaningful and lasting relationships in their community. Author Donald Miller started the organization three years ago with the hope of reaching the 27 million kids growing up in America without a father. Miller says: “Because kids are more likely to make good decisions if they have a positive role model, the church in America can, in only one generation, curb teen suicide, teen drop-out rates, unwanted pregnancy and abortion and in another generation significantly reduce divorce rates thus stopping a cycle that, I believe, is the cause of many of our cultures problems.”

Read Donald Miller’s Elephant Story

Now you can help them out in a pretty unique way: have a garage sale.

Step 1: Register your site.
Step 2: Follow the Garage Sale Guide
Step 3: Donate to the Mentoring Project

It’s pretty simple. Find out more on how you can throw your Mentoring Project Garage Sale here.

“My rule is, if I haven’t used it in a year, it goes to the garage sale. I don’t care what it is. I have not used my roomba vacuum cleaner, it drives my dog crazy, it’s going to the garage sale.” – Don Miller

Want to mentor? Not in Portland? They are planning for a nationwide launch later this year. Until then, you can sign up at their website to stay connected or find out more information.


  1. john sowers:

    you rule. thanks for this.

    9:19 pm on June 9th, 2010
  2. lis_admin:

    Thank you, John! What you guys do at The Mentoring Project is SO important! Keep letting us know anything our community can do to help.

    11:40 am on June 10th, 2010

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