Two men. Two mustaches. One mission.

Alex and Mark have been traveling all over the U.S. in a groovy 1971 Winnegego with the mission of spreading the word about MANA Nutrition. We made sure they routed through our neighborhood. Here’s what happened:

MANA envisions a nourished world. They have developed a brilliant RUTF (Ready to Use Therapeutic Food) specially designed to treat children diagnosed with severe acute malnutrition.

Through the RUTF they are bringing children back to life. Check out this powerful photo:

That’s Dominique, in pain and malnourished, just before starting the MANA treatments. He weighed 4.7 kg. In March 2011, after 6 weeks of MANA he weighed in at 6.9 kg.

This is changing lives.

You can see why two guys would go to such great lengths to make sure people heard about this, right? We had a great time hanging out and helping them along their journey. One of our friends, Jud Davis, even loaded Alex and Mark up with plenty of 8-tracks for the road.

Follow their adventures and more (including what 8 tracks they’re listening to) via the links below.



  1. Tresa Roth Pettijohn:

    Love, love, love the MANA mission! Keep up the great work!

    1:52 am on December 12th, 2011
  2. Rachman:

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