The Love Competition

Ever wondered what love looks like?

The brainy geniuses at Stanford’s MRI Lab decided to find out. Their team put together the world’s first love competition. Contestants are given five minutes to focus on loving someone and they recorded the results.

This is fascinating.

The Love Competition is featured on the DVD series Wholphin No. 15. Wholphin is an endlessly fascinating collection released by the good people at McSweeney’s. Find it here.

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  1. Nguyen:

    Hey, a post on Dark Star , what fun! Pre-CGI, when SF films still had charm. And look at the talents ivnelvod, Carpenter and O’Bannon (whatever happened to Dan?). Picked up a copy of the film (VHS) off eBay for about five bucks and had a ball watching it again after over 20 years. Thanks for this, brought back some fond memories

    5:56 am on March 25th, 2012

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