Chris Dishman’s community of Waverly, TN was hit hard by the flood. There was no loss of life, however, the local elementary school was hit along with the junior high gymnasium. School was closed for the final 18 days.

A flooded elementary school is sad enough, but the teachers soon found that insurance would not cover personal items lost in the flood. They found that many of the teachers lost at least an average of a thousand dollars per classroom. “They are already underpaid and now face having to buy back items they feel is a necessity to help the kids,” says Dishman. “Many of these teachers lost a lot of sleep worrying about how they were going to replace things they lost. What made it worse was that they felt they were alone.”

10 thousand books in the school’s library are gone. 90 percent of computers are gone.

In many ways overshadowed by the devastation in other parts of the state, the town of Waverly has had to come together to rebuild. Today we invite you to join them. We have the chance to all pitch in with this community as they work to restore hope to their town.

Meet our friends Gift Card Giver. They brilliantly discovered that 10-15% of all gift cards go unused – meaning there’s billions of dollars out there sitting in people’s back pockets. By donating your new or used gift cards they set out to put the money where it needs to go. As part of their Summer Tour, the Gift Card Giver team will be making a stop in Waverly on July 29. They heard the story and they want to help!

You can too. Tell the story of Gift Card Giver to your friends, family, work, church, or any gathering. Collect the cards and send them to: Gift Card Giver Attn: WES Disaster Relief, PO Box 17628, Atlanta, GA 30316. They will in turn set out to provide the teachers with appropriate cards to meet their needs. We’ve already collected over 125 gift cards and they’re still coming!

Other ways you can pitch in:

Join the Waverly Elementary School Disaster Relief page on Facebook.

Donate money: A special fund has been set up at the Bank of America in Waverly.
Bank of America
Attn: WES Disaster Relief
208 West Main Street
Waverly, TN 37185

Donate time: Teachers at Waverly Elementary School need help getting things in order to start the year. Email us ( if you would like to volunteer.

Vote for Waverly Elementary! Kohl’s is holding their 10th annual Kohl’s Cares contest. They are donating $500,000 to 20 different schools.

Visit Waverly:
Thursday July 22 is Lettuce Graze from 11-1:30 at the Waverly Church of Christ Enrichment Center. The event is an all you can eat specialty salad and dessert buffet. $6 ticket donation gets you in the door.
Thursday July 29 is the Disaster Relief Fair at historic Ray Hampton Stadium on the campus of Waverly Central High School. The event is 5 – 9 p.m. $1 donation to get in. There you’ll find carnival games, live music and more. The United Way will also be sponsoring a silent auction.

It’s going to take a lot of people coming together to help this community. It’s exciting to see what all has happened so far. Let’s keep it coming as we all pitch in to help get these kids back in their school!

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