This is the first of a new series on the blog where we share with you artists to be on the look out for. As you’ve seen on the site, the Love In Stereo blog aims to highlight people who are changing the world in creative ways. We also want to take time to get to know people who are influencing culture. We want to pick their brains, get some insight on why they do what they do and have some fun.

We think you’re going to like The Dandies. “Formed in the deep heart of Lucerne, Switzerland”, these guys have been out in Texas all week for South By Southwest and will be playing a special Haiti Benefit Concert tonight at Six Stages Over Texas. Though very much a Swiss group, their music has a distinct American flavor because, as they’ll tell you, they were “raised on classic American rock.”

Frontman Adrian Weber explains, “When I was young, and to this day even, those bands portrayed a kind of freedom all of us long for. They did what they wanted and how they wanted. They were different than anyone else. That type of freedom really attracted me. And it always looked like they were having fun.”

The band has a very classic sound even down to the tape hiss. “Producer Frenchie Smith’s idea really,” said Weber. The well respected Frenchie Smith, who recently recorded JET’s third album, knew what he was doing. (He has, after all, been previously nominated for a Grammy .) “A certain rawness and swagger is clearly captured on the record and that’s a big part of our band live,” said Weber. “In a good way, of course.”

So are The Dandies ready for the U.S. or is the U.S. ready for the Dandies? “It’s both,” Weber joked. “No. We really feel honored to play at SXSW and are definitely ready for the U.S. and hope it’s ready for us!”

The album isn’t available yet in the U.S. but the band hopes it will be soon. Until then take a sneak peek at their great song: Bootstraps.

The Dandies – Bootstraps by antonymeola

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