Koji and Humility Now

Our friends Koji and Humility Now have teamed up for a really cool project. In the above video Koji talks about what Humility Now is and why he felt so compelled to work with them. At the show he had a special shirt and poster print they did together. Not sure if he has any left, but there are new shirts up for sale at Humility Now. You really should pick one up. For each shirt sold they give one to their homeless friends. They’re an incredible group of people.

Last week we had the chance to be a part of bringing artists PJ Bond and Koji to Nashville, TN for a special show at Humankind Thrift. You’ll notice everyone is sitting kindergarten style for a sing-along. Pretty unique considering the night began with a hardcore group, then PJ Bond, and then this. It was a truly awesome time. Here is how he closed out his time:

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