Our latest album, One For The Team, was a labor of love. We set out from the start to make this something special. 100% of the proceeds go directly towards helping Special Needs Athletics build a new field. It’s an important cause and we wanted some of our favorite artists to be involved. The album would be nothing without the support from these amazingly talented people . . .

Here are just a few of the reasons why we love Katie Herzig.

1. Katie’s song Two Hearts Are Better Than One is track number 5 on our album. The song, a sweet catchy little number, perfectly encapsulates all that we’re about. We knew the moment we heard it that it had to be included – somehow, someway. . .

2. This Grammy award nominated singer-songwriter continually crafts songs that go beyond the standard songwriting formula. You might have heard her work on any number of films or television shows. There’s a hopeful sincerity in her voice. When she sings things like “I Hurt Too” or “Wish You Well” you sense that she means it.

3. Katie lives in our backyard of Nashville, TN, but can currently be seen all over the country as she tours to promote her upcoming new album The Waking Sleep. We’re looking forward to it’s release September 20th. It promises to be the perfect next step in her growth as a songwriter and performer. Watch this trailer for the album.

Last week at the final game of the season we were set up, announcing the release, selling CDs and meeting people from all over who are involved with Special Needs Athletics. The album was playing over the stadium speakers the entire night. As the kids were preparing to receive their trophies for a season well done, Katie’s song began to play. We looked out at all the volunteers, parents and supporters who had made that moment possible and knew it wasn’t just a nice song on an album for kids – it was a truth that we hoped could be lived out. Thanks for the song and the reminder, Katie.

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