Join us. Get involved. Money isn’t the only way
to give to a cause. Here’s how you can get involved.

We need you. Not just your money. If we’re going to make a real difference it’s going to take more than just cash. We’re looking for people who can donate their time and talent in any number of ways. There’s a way for everybody and anybody to get involved. We’re looking for people who can donate their time and talent.

Take a look at how you can pitch in. Are you an artist? Check out all the ways you can help. Do you already know of or work with a cause? Let us help you! Are you in a category all your own? Perfect! Let’s all join in and build something together.

We need you.
Here’s some ways that you can help.

Tell us about creative & innovative causes.
Partner with a cause in your community.
Set up an LIS event in your town.
Put the Love In Stereo army to work!

Help create content for our site.
Donate a song or other work of art.
Set up a LIS concert in your town.
Share Love in Stereo on your site.

Spread Love In Stereo everywhere you can.
Buy Love In Stereo merch.
Tell us about needs in your town.
Submit stories and ideas of people living Love In Stereo.

We believe that together we can be louder.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you. Help us join together to unite people behind causes that are making a difference. When artists, causes and fans come together anything is possible. Everyone has something and some way to give. Whether you’re an average joe, rock star, social entrepreneur or poor college student there is a way you can help change the world. Get creative and start spreading the love.

Set up a Love In Stereo event. Submit a story. Design a t-shirt. Create something inspired by Love In Stereo. Share our site on your blog. Tell your friends about us on Facebook. Tell everyone all you can in 140 characters about us on Twitter. Donate a song. Partner with Love In Stereo’s store. Submit a video. Help us tell stories of people living Love In Stereo – most importantly – become a person living Love In Stereo.