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Joe finishes our interview talking about The Vickie Honeycutt Foundation, Terra Nova High School and a simple way to make a difference in everyone’s life.

by Bryson Leach

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BL: Your manager mentioned to me that you guys are big supporters of the Honeycutt Foundation. Can you tell us about that?

JK: Dane Honeycutt is our tour manager who’s been with the Brothers since the beginning of their touring. He is their tour manager, guitar tech, he’s our boss and good friend. He was someone that the band could not function without. Seth and Scott had his mother, Vickey Honeycutt as their teacher in elementary school. Last year Vickie was diagnosed with cancer and what was initially only breast cancer spread to the other parts of her body as a form of terminal cancer. She passed away this year and it was a hard time for Dane.

Dane set up a foundation under Vickie’s name to help teachers who are going through the same things that she went through. For Seth and Scott, Vickie was a big support in their lives growing up, so supporting her and now supporting others in the same position was a big goal for them. Since they are so underpaid, it’s just a little bit of an extra help for them during their difficult time. Vickie and Dane were and are a major influence in our lives. It will continue to be something that is apart of our group.

BL: Are there any other causes that you’ve come across recently that have really caught your eye?

JK: Oh yea man! We played a benefit concert in Portland during our tour this year for this high school called the Terra Nova School in Portland. We were driving through and had and extra day to kill. So, we called up one of our favorite venues in the area, the Crystal Ballroom, and asked if we could do a secret show there and if there were any local causes that needed help from the ticket sales. We were told about this school where kids learn to work a farm from seed to preparation. It’s a school that functions on very little but they are teaching the kids the value of the foods that we eat and where it comes from. So we were able to sell out all the tickets with the proceeds benefitting this school. The best part about it was the kids came and brought the food they learned to grow and make. It was the best food that we’ve ever eaten on tour. It was awesome to see these kids that just understood food. It’s something we wish was available across the country.

BL: Doing good and making a difference in the lives of others is such an important characteristic that we feel everyone needs. What is one way that everyone can incorporate that into their own character?

JK: You know, the biggest thing, the easiest thing and just the most selfless thing you can do is to just talk to someone. You don’t have to give financially. You don’t have to give any sort of gift. There are tons of foundations that need financial backing but there are countless numbers of people who just need someone to talk to. That’s why when we are on the road and someone wants to talk to us about anything, talk about music or talk about their lives, we’re never going to turn them down. We’re never going to think that we’re somehow better than anybody else. Just being able to talk to someone and listen to them and to what they have to say, even if it’s for two minutes may be the difference of someone committing suicide or not or someone self-esteem being raised just that little bit or someone that just needs that little push to get through the day. There’s so many little things that can be done without money and I feel like talking openly with each other is such a good thing.
If someone wants to talk to you, you’re no better than anyone else. It’s such an important thing to remember, we’re all in this world together and trying to make it from day to day.

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Joe Kwon is the cellist for The Avett Brothers and has also contributed his stringed talents to our friends The Apache Relay on their first album 1988

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