A few fun things for you as we step into the weekend and wrap up what has been an incredible week for the Love In Stereo community.

1. Donate $12 to Haiti and get a shirt!

If you haven’t bought your Love In Stereo shirt for Haiti, we still have some in stock. Each shirt comes with your very own special thank you from the team here. We’re ready to make the sequel to our original Thank You video so order up! We’re just a few shirt sales away! Help us help Haiti. Buy yours here.

2. Show our friends Ian Axel and Sidewalk Chalk some love!

3. Celebrate with us!
You people are awesome! Thanks for all the kind words and for taking action in spreading the word about this movement. We’re seeing some major growth here on the site and it’s because of you. We’re looking forward to some exciting things in the coming weeks. Can’t wait to share with you what all we’ve got coming up! Until then take a moment to sing karaoke with us:

Send us video of you singing the song and receive wealth and fame beyond comprehension (meaning: Love In Stereo stickers).

Follow us on Twitter or stalk us on Facebook while you’re at it.

Together we’re louder.

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  1. Brad:

    Submit video of you singing “Friday I’m In Love” karaoke to hello(at)loveinstereo.com.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

    5:05 pm on February 19th, 2010

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