Invisible Children

It was cool to meet these awesome people, as you’ll see from these two interviews, but the movement that is Invisible Children is both inspiring and, at the same time, challenging. Inspiring because of all the good that has come from their work and all the ways that everyday people can get involved. Challenging because . . . well . . . it’s so disturbing and frustrating what has happened and is happening in Uganda.

Here we meet up with Lauren, a super cool roadie for IC and Amanda, an awesome young college student who is featured in one of their documentaries.

Meet two roadies for Invisible Children:

Thankfully these guys are spreading the word about Africa’s longest war and empowering people all over to make a difference. Invisible Children founders Jason Russell, Laren Poole and CEO Ben Keesey recently had a meeting with President Obama in the Oval Office of the White House where he signed a bill that will ultimately lead to the freedom of these child soldiers. The bill commits the US to working with central east African countries to help arrest rebel leader Joseph Kony and end Africa‚Äôs longest running war.

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