After first seeing the music video for Ian Axel‘s “This Is The New Year” we were immediately struck by it. This was right as things were moving forward on getting our little Love In Stereo thing off the ground. There was still a lot of uncertainty. Would this ever happen? Could it ever happen? We weren’t sure Love In Stereo would ever quite come together.

Through it all the music video kept playing. There’s such hope and sincerity in the song. It’s so full of life. The video captures people at one of their purest moments: singing with complete abandon. This kept us going.

It was exciting when we got in contact with the New York based singer/songwriter. After months of being inspired and cheered on by this happy little tune it was truly awesome to discover he’s a genuine guy who really is as kind as you could hope and also supportive and appreciative of our little endeavor.

Love In Stereo: We, of course, love the “This Is The New Year” video. It really has a “the gangs all here” sort of feel. Talk a little about your circle of musician friends and collaborators and how you influence each other’s work.

Ian: I have the best friends in the world, and I will never take that for granted. NYC is such a huge city. Who would have thought that the music scene here would be so closely woven together? It’s very special and so so important. I feel like there’s a little movement happening here. Like it’s happening, now. Someone recently asked me what music I listen to, and everyone’s name I said was a friend. I love them all. I go to their shows and get the chills. They make me feel alive. And I’m starting to write with a bunch of them now.

LIS: Who or what are some of these artists, bands, art, human beings that inspire you?

Ian: Chad Vaccarino, Greg Holden, Allie Moss, Rachel Zamstein…my band mates Adam Christgau, Chris Kuffner and Chris Anderson. They give me a hard time and push me in all the best ways. Ahh, there are just so many. All of my friends from back home. My sister Melissa. I love Tim Burton/Danny Elfman. Avatar just blew my mind. I love to eat. Food inspires me, always. And I miss my dog, Mozart.

LIS: The album turned out great. There’s a lot of different layers to it, but I believe really at it’s heart the recurring theme seems to be hope. What inspired you to write such a hopeful album?

Ian: I wasn’t singing until 3 years ago. Learning and coming to terms with having a voice changed my perspective. I had just lived 21 years not saying anything I wanted and now all of a sudden I could say anything and it would be heard. So I began using it to confront different issues and situations in my life, and it was addictive. Honesty is like a drug. I felt like I was living for the first time and that I could do anything and I started experiencing all of these synchronicities that seemed beyond coincidence. Does that make sense? It’s so hard to talk/write about. But it’s gotten me so excited to live.

LIS: Seeing as the album is about hope and possibilities – what are you looking forward to most this year?

Ian: I’m looking forward to seeing more of the world. I’d really like to learn guitar, maybe take some piano lessons again. Can’t wait to write write write. I haven’t been able to give 100 percent to that in a while. I’m looking forward to better health…less sinus infections. And I need to relax!

LIS: Our movement is about art and artists that come together to change the world. Can art change the world?

Ian: The world gives back what we give to it.

We agree, Ian.

Buy the album. Hear more from Ian on Myspace.

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  1. Shawn:

    Really cool video! Makes me want to throw a karaoke party or something.

    2:10 pm on February 18th, 2010
  2. Jennifer Gerhardt:

    Great interview! And my 11 month old is CRAZY about this video.

    7:52 pm on February 18th, 2010
  3. Kristi:

    I love this song!!!

    4:51 pm on February 19th, 2010
  4. Caley:

    I’m dancing in my chair. Good thing I work from home.

    10:14 pm on February 23rd, 2010

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