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Hey guys. Brad here. On behalf of the whole team I want to say thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and kind messages! As we prepare to launch forward into year 2 of Love In Stereo, it’s fun to look back at all that’s happened.

Here are a few of our favorite videos that, in their own way, help tell our story.

Art + Change. Jennalyn Krulish is an artist and one of the most love-driven people I’ve had the chance to meet. This is her talking about her exhibit, Artifacts of My Calling. She proves that art can bring change and healing and hope.

The Confetti Song The Love In Stereo launch party was a blast. Joel Rakes and Shaky Voices came out, put on a great show and we all pulled together to celebrate the beginning of this new adventure with a few of our friends. The night also served as a pre-release party for the My Heart Is In Haiti album.

Thank You For our first project we wanted to help our friends at a children’s home in Haiti. We were surprised and excited when the two shirts, My Heart Is In Haiti and Haiti? Me Likey!, were actually purchased by people! We were so excited we made a personal video of thanks to the fine folks who bought them. Then Old Spice took our idea and did it better.

10,000 Shoes Arianne Krulish was a girl driven by a dream. She wanted to make an impact and she did. This story is living proof of our mantra “Together, we’re louder.” May stories like this happen daily.

We can’t wait to see what happens next.

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