The awesome people at She Dances have placed a huge opportunity before all of us. If you’re not familiar with She Dances check out our previous post about their work.

The 200/20 Campaign is a visionary plee for us to pitch in just a little and help bring rescue, restoration and sustainability to people who truly need and deserve it. All you have to do is sign up for $20 a month and you help support a safe home in Honduras for girls who are victims of human trafficking. You can also give a one time donation if you cannot commit to an entire year. They have 25 days left to hit their goal of 200 people.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”Martin Luther King Jr.

We have been deeply moved by their work and their vision. What is happening in Honduras with this safe house is incredibly important. It is not an easy endeavor. It is not a small dream. They have committed to work and have given all of us the chance to pitch in too. Now all of us can be a part of bringing peace and healing and joy to some girls who may have never known it.

Help She Dances.

Every girl deserves to dream. Every girl deserves hope. Every girl deserves to love and to be loved. Every girl deserves to dance. When she dances she is alive… when she dances she is free. She’s free to live, to laugh, to love. She’s free in her heart… she’s free in her spirit. Hope moves within her… beauty finds her. She Dances.

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