Of the 70 million children not in school, 70% are girls. For many girls around the world the journey to getting an education is much more difficult than it should be. Check out this video:

Today we want to introduce you to some of our new friends at the Got Your Back Movement. Through the power of school uniforms, these guys seek to transform generations and nations – especially in the lives of “the Seventy Percent”. Here’s 10 questions with Rachel Ryan, Artist Relations and Movement Campaign Leader. Discover their awesomeness.

1. For the uninitiated: Tell us about Got Your Back Movement.

The Got Your Back Movement exists to restore purpose, give hope, and show love through the global distribution of school uniforms to children in need. Our mission is to create sustainable change in communities worldwide through the impact that education creates in all aspects of life. Our vision is to create a world in which children begin to see their hopes and dreams become a reality through the lens of education. By removing the financial obstacles of obtaining a school uniform, we hope to help them achieve a primary education while ensuring that this process is maintained through an economically sustainable model for their entire community.

2. How did this whole thing begin?

In 2009, Austin Cassleman (President) assembled a team of people to brainstorm ways that they could make a difference in the world. Through a multi-week process, we, the team, gathered information, assessed skill sets, and sought out answers to the 3 major questions…what, why & how? From these meetings, we birthed the Got Your Back Movement.

During this time, we discovered that its more important to understand why you exist, rather than what you do or how you do it. We have come to believe that when you know your why, it will forever change your work ethic, but more importantly, it will revolutionize the way you live your life.

3. How did you discover GYB and get involved?

Well, Will Hill (executive director) and I have been great friends for the better part of our 20’s. He saw the work I’ve done for other NFP’s and asked me to come on board. Ive always done activist work on a volunteer level (as do most people) but now I am quitting my career and moving to Nashville to work with GYB full time!

4. It seems like everyone on the GYB team are not only passionate about the cause, but also just a really fun group of people. Would that be fair to say?

Thats very fair to say, fun and talented. Most of us are really funny and we are also looking forward to this epic GYB/LIS dance party! (Editor’s note: We’re wanting to plan something cool with these kids. Lookout for it!)

5. What is the ‘70%” ?

Of the 70,000,000 children not in school worldwide, 70% are girls. Girls are faced with the most struggles when seeking out an education. Got Your Back seeks to
transform generations and nations through the power of school uniforms, especially in the lives of the Seventy Percent.

6. How can we get involved in supporting what you do?

Watch the video. SHARE the video. Like/follow us on the social networks. Sign up for our newsletter. BUY A SHIRT! Every shirt purchased provides a school uniform for a child in one of our programs for a for a whole year. It goes further…the uniforms we give away are handmade by local tailors in the communities of the beneficiaries. We are committed to seeing whole communities energized and forever changed through the Got Your Back Movement.

7. Any stories that you’ve seen or experienced while working for GYB that continue to inspire you and keep you going in your work?

I’m a super visual person. We are blessed to have one of my favorite photographers on staff, Tec Petaja. The images he captures, capture my heart. It changes my life and shifts my focus daily when I see the smiling faces of the kids receiving their uniforms. The joy they display is viral. In addition to that, the rest of our team is so dedicated to making a difference. They encourage me.

9. Who are some bands/musicians that are on board with GYB?

We are so new to this partnership idea that we are looking for our first wave of solid artists! So far we have the support of Chancellor Warhol, Kink Ador, and Shane Gamble. If anyone is interested they can email me at: RachelRyan@gybmovment.org

10. How does their support help propel your movement?

Artist support helps augment our fan base. There are so many great causes out there to believe in and I feel like it takes that personal heart connection for young people to say “this is the one Im going to back”, “this is the cause Ill give my money to”. Those artist who believe in our work are our mobile mouthpieces. In a way, they become some of the most important advocates we will have.

Rachel is on the lookout for passionate musicians to partner with/promote this super grassroots movement. Whether you’re a musician, artist or any other human being who cares: visit the Got Your Back Movement site and get involved in this awesome work.

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