A few months back we had the special opportunity to be a part of Plywood Presents. It was a truly remarkable event. The room was filled with people who are creating change all over the country. There were many great presentations and stories that day, but the one that punched us in the gut was the story of Luma Mufleh and the Fugees Family.

She unknowingly became part of something much bigger than herself and told the story with such humility and such love. A few years back she found herself coaching refugee boys soccer. She then found herself not only a coach to the boys but to their families. Luma has helped create a way for these young men to excel and created hope for their families.

Her story has been optioned to become a film. She’s been featured in media all over the world. It’s become much bigger than just another soccer team. What’s interesting though is how none of this matters to Luma. In her eyes, none of this is worth anything unless it helps her kids. It’s all about them.

Yesterday a few needs were posted on their website. We wanted to share them with you. If there’s anything you or your community can do to help, please do. It’s a great cause.

Big Stuff
Mini-Van: 6-7 Passenger and no more than 5 years old and/or 75,000 miles. Good condition as rated by Kelly Blue Book Value
Mini-Bus(New or Used): 14 passenger “Miti Activity Bus” and no more than 5 years old and/or 50,000 miles. Good condition as rated by Kelly Blue Book Value
Computers: New netbooks or laptops(no more than two years old)
Digital Camera: 12 mega pixel digital(for kids) or a high end DSLR(Nikon or Canon) for marketing, etc.
Graphing Calculators: TI-85 or newer

We are fortunate to have Nike as a soccer sponsor, so soccer equipment donations are not needed at this time.

See Amazon wish list.

Clothing(No Logos)
Khaki Pants: Youth sizes 8-18
Oxford Shirts: White only. Sizes Youth Large-Adult Medium
V-neck Sweaters: Navy blue only. Sizes Youth Large-Adult Medium
Sweater Vests: Navy blue only. Sizes Youth Large-Adult Medium
Leather Belts: Black only. Sizes Youth Large- Adult 34’
White Socks

There are also other smaller items that could be donated. Check out the full list here.

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