It’s just a fact: you guys are awesome.

Thank you for making these past few weeks so fun! You’ve been spreading the news about this project all over the place and have helped us so much.

As we inch closer and closer I wanted to just remind you of how important you are to this.

Last week we got an email from a guy who is working to start a special needs athletics program in his town – because he was inspired by this project. Unreal. The album isn’t even out yet, the money isn’t fully funded yet and already so much good has happened. Do you realize how many new people have heard about this incredible team and program? I hope you understand what a special thing we are all a part of.

We’re getting excited about the next steps – about even more people discovering the awesomeness of these kids, about helping make their new field a reality and about continuing to spread the love that started this and caused Michael Richerson to step out and create Special Needs Baseball for his community.

We really can’t thank you enough. It’s going to be so cool when this all comes together and we can see all the names that pitched in to do some good!

If the world were a Twinkie – you guys would totally be the cream filling.


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