Daniel Smith has created a community of artists with his label Sounds Familyre. To dismiss the music of Daniel Smith as “weird” would be to completely miss the point. Words like “quirky” and “odd” are often used to condescendingly describe his work as Brother Danielson, Danielson Famile, or just Danielson. None of these words truly capture the real spirit of Daniel’s work.

Daniel said it best himself in describing the music of tourmates Ben + Vesper when he said they created “strange and beautiful music”, a loving statement of his appreciation for their unique, honest and captivating music. You could definitely say the same for Danielson. There is originality and love that shines through on each song. It’s both strange and, at times, beautiful.

We caught up with Daniel at the tail end of his tour with Ben + Vesper and Ortolan. It was a real honor to chat with him as he spoke to us about his family, South by Southwest, Sufjan and a special non-profit for artists: Weathervane Music.

Weathervane Music

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