Normally here at Love In Stereo we celebrate Fair Trade Friday, offering you a chance to buy a product and help someone at the same time. Today we wanted to share something a little different.

Meet our friends the Wilsons.

Laura is always creating and it’s always something incredible. Everything from adorable plush toys you want to take home even if you don’t have a kid to coloring books to bags to all sorts of sewn or handmade treasures. Over at her blog you can follow her process, get inspired and meet the rest of her great family.

She recently was struck with an idea and has created a beautiful opportunity to show love and provide special kids with the chance to feel important. For the next three months, you can submit the name of a child who has an extra need to feel special, and she will send them a crown.

Isn’t that great? We thought so and wanted to share with you. It’s a simple little gift. Here’s what you can do:

– Read more about the crowns here.

– Submit the name of a special child who could use some encouragement and love.

– Laura is likely to get loaded with submissions, handmaking them herself and is asking for nothing in return. Start making crowns and do the project on your own.

– Head on over to her awesome Etsy store and show them some love here.

Will this really make any difference? She writes the following on her blog:

“I don’t know. But I am learning that compassion is the beginning of love, and without love we are nothing. Will it make a difference? Let’s find out together.”

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