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The Leapyear Project

2012 is a Leap Year. What risk will you take to change your life, your community, or your world for the better? This is the question that Victor Saad asked himself and is now asking the world!

We’re taking part and hope you will too.

Step 1: Choose your Leap (leapyearproject.org/leap)

Step 2: Tell your story online (cowbird.com + tag all social media updates with #lyproject)

Step 3: Invite a friend to join you.

Allow whatever inhibitions, fears or doubts that have kept you from asking these questions completely disappear. Let’s take leaps. We love Victor and we love what is happening with his project. People all over the world are taking action. When it’s all said and done there will be some beautiful stories to be shared.

Twitter: @lyproject
Facebook: /leapyearproject
Website: leapyearproject.org

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The Love Competition

Ever wondered what love looks like?

The brainy geniuses at Stanford’s MRI Lab decided to find out. Their team put together the world’s first love competition. Contestants are given five minutes to focus on loving someone and they recorded the results.

This is fascinating.

The Love Competition is featured on the DVD series Wholphin No. 15. Wholphin is an endlessly fascinating collection released by the good people at McSweeney’s. Find it here.

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Real Beauty

I’ve seen Mean Girls several times.

I also attended and survived 4 years of high school. This qualifies me to say: some teenagers can be mean. This we know.

In high school I wasn’t the mean kid, but you wouldn’t exactly file me under “productive” or “useful” or “has ability to do anything”. Again and again you people keep sending us stories of teenagers who are changing the world. Here’s one girl. Her name is Madison. She’s in high school. She should be obsessed with herself, overly concerned with appearances and working on her SLAM book . . . but that’s not how Madison rolls.

Madison organized a beauty pageant for young girls with special needs. Her mission was simply to give them a chance to dress up, wear crowns, be told they are beautiful and make sure they had the best day ever. That’s exactly what happened – and then some. She enlisted the help of her friends from school, her entire church youth group and a whole community gathered together to celebrate some beautiful girls.

Today we just wanted to take a moment and celebrate this beautiful moment that happened because of a young girl who went against the norm. May that happen more and may our society grow to celebrate the true beauty.


Want to help a group of special needs athletes? Pick up our album ONE FOR THE TEAM. All proceeds go to helping create a unique field just for these kids in Jackson, TN! http://loveinstereo.com/onefortheteam/

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You may recall our friends Alex and Mark from a post just a few weeks ago here.

Well, they’ve had a bit of a plot twist in their nationwide journey. It seems the Manabago is … well… just please watch this video all the way through.

Today as we give thanks for so many things and as many of us sit down at tables to eat large meals with loved ones – let’s not forget that there are many across the world who are without. Alex and Mark are working with MANA Nutrition to help bring starving children back to health. Let’s help them out!

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Howabout a song for you on this fine November Tuesday? You may know Birdy from her stunning piano version of Bon Iver’s Skinny Love that’s been passed around over the past several months. She is an English musician whose debut album just released last week. The above track is a cover of Cherry Ghost’s People Help The People. We’re loving this song (and this voice). Enjoy.

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Two men. Two mustaches. One mission.

Alex and Mark have been traveling all over the U.S. in a groovy 1971 Winnegego with the mission of spreading the word about MANA Nutrition. We made sure they routed through our neighborhood. Here’s what happened:

MANA envisions a nourished world. They have developed a brilliant RUTF (Ready to Use Therapeutic Food) specially designed to treat children diagnosed with severe acute malnutrition.

Through the RUTF they are bringing children back to life. Check out this powerful photo:

That’s Dominique, in pain and malnourished, just before starting the MANA treatments. He weighed 4.7 kg. In March 2011, after 6 weeks of MANA he weighed in at 6.9 kg.

This is changing lives.

You can see why two guys would go to such great lengths to make sure people heard about this, right? We had a great time hanging out and helping them along their journey. One of our friends, Jud Davis, even loaded Alex and Mark up with plenty of 8-tracks for the road.

Follow their adventures and more (including what 8 tracks they’re listening to) via the links below.


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If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Stephen Colbert singing the Rebecca Black tune “Friday” with the Roots and several other guests on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. In order for this extravaganza to happen, colbert and Fallon asked to match a $26,000 donation to school projects. They reached their goal and this video was made:

You can still donate to the Fallon-Colbert charity at Donors Choose

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Home Movies

Hey guys. Brad here. On behalf of the whole team I want to say thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and kind messages! As we prepare to launch forward into year 2 of Love In Stereo, it’s fun to look back at all that’s happened.

Here are a few of our favorite videos that, in their own way, help tell our story.

Art + Change. Jennalyn Krulish is an artist and one of the most love-driven people I’ve had the chance to meet. This is her talking about her exhibit, Artifacts of My Calling. She proves that art can bring change and healing and hope.

The Confetti Song The Love In Stereo launch party was a blast. Joel Rakes and Shaky Voices came out, put on a great show and we all pulled together to celebrate the beginning of this new adventure with a few of our friends. The night also served as a pre-release party for the My Heart Is In Haiti album.

Thank You For our first project we wanted to help our friends at a children’s home in Haiti. We were surprised and excited when the two shirts, My Heart Is In Haiti and Haiti? Me Likey!, were actually purchased by people! We were so excited we made a personal video of thanks to the fine folks who bought them. Then Old Spice took our idea and did it better.

10,000 Shoes Arianne Krulish was a girl driven by a dream. She wanted to make an impact and she did. This story is living proof of our mantra “Together, we’re louder.” May stories like this happen daily.

We can’t wait to see what happens next.

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Photo by Bryson Leach

Taking a break from the studio to play a charity event at Freed-Hardeman University, frontman JT Daly of Paper Route sat down with us to discuss a few topics like living in Nashville, supporting an awesome new non-profit and working on their new album.

Started by a few of Paper Route’s close friends, Red Earth Trading Company works with Global Support Mission and local artisans in Africa to sell unique gifts that gives the money back to the hands that made each and every item.
If you’d like to learn more about Red Earth Trade check out their website

We caught some incredible photos from their show at Freed-Hardeman University last month. Check those out here
photo by: Bryson Leach

Paper Route’s Website

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