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Just a few days ago I found two random files I had saved to a folder I keep on my desktop labeled: Inspirado.

This folder generally includes photos, images and other documents I love and that .. well.. inspire. It’s my own weird little version of Pinterest. (I’m not on the site simply because my manly pride won’t let me plus I have an addictive personality plus this way I can make fun of my wife for spending so much time on that site. I know. Sad, right?).

I clicked on the two images because I couldn’t recall why I had placed them there.

Then I remembered why I placed them there.

Pixar animator Austin Madison composed the above letter of inspiration to aspiring creatives as part of The Animator Letters Project.

When I rediscovered this little gem hidden within the depths of my overstuffed desktop it was like unearthing a note from an old pal. Though I’ve never met the guy and I’m not an animator and it is just a file I saved myself so I could read it later – his words struck a chord and arrived at just the right time. PERSIST.

There is nothing quite like a lovingly crafted hand-written letter – even if it’s from someone you’ve never met.


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Slacktivist No More

Can’t I just buy a bracelet?
There’s too much pain and unfairness.
Can’t we just raise awareness?
Just sell me a bracelet. I’ll do my part.
I’ll feel sorry for the homeless man who lives out of a cart.

I changed my profile pic and posted on Facebook.
Don’t you understand how much courage that took?
I bought the shoes and the t-shirt and I wear them proudly.
Expressions of a future I believe in – and I’ll scream it loudly.

But what makes things change? Am I wrong to consume?
I’m just doing whatever I know best to do.
It’s not that I’m unloving or lazy or mean.
I’m just reflecting the culture I know and I’ve seen.

Something’s not right. There has to be more.
I’m no longer content to just stand on the shore.
Every little bit helps – that old saying is true.
But nothing would change if everyone did as I do.

The needs are much bigger than just you or me
We have to unite and share more than money.
We’re meant to be more than just disillusioned.
It’s time to take time. The world begs for solutions.

I’m meant to DO. BE. LIVE. and LOVE.
But still:
There are times
I wish buying a bracelet were enough.

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First of all, our album One for the Team is releasing next week! We’ve got a bunch of awesome little posts coming your way leading up to the release of the album. In the meantime, enjoy some free music from this fantastic singer songwriter Joey Ryan (scroll down the page until you find the “Free Music” links).

With songs like Queen Jane and Girls, Gather ‘Round you’d think you’re listening to a bob Dylan cover but this sultry musician is sure to delight with his homegrown sound and purely poetic lyrics of love, heartbreak and everything in between.

Be sure to check out the free, live album he did with Kenneth Pattengale called Retrospect

Download all his music here

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te·na·cious adjective /təˈnāSHəs/
1. Not readily relinquishing a position, principle, or course of action; determined
2. Persisting in existence; not easily dispelled
3. Jessica Tkachuck

Jessica is a roadie for Invisible Children. She is committed to ending the longest running war in Africa and working to bring hope to the Congo. She is unstoppable in her mission.

As part of the IC Southeast team, Jessica, along with Seth Williams, Katie McKenzie and Adong Evelyn Olla, set out to create change. Being on the road in a van with other humans can be daunting – add to that: weeks of screenings, miles of travel and countless details to line up to make sure that each stop is a huge success and you’ve got a pretty big task ahead of you.

I received a call this past winter from Jessica about working to host a screening in our area. In true slacker non-commital fashion I told her that we just did a screening and that our schedule for the spring was already packed. “Aw, come on,” she said, as she set out to trap me, “we could make this one really awesome.” I folded. She seemed convinced we could pull it off.

In the days, weeks and months following she proved just how committed she was to making this screening awesome. My phone and inbox would light up with messages from her filled with ideas and encouragement and always the reminder of why we were doing this: bring the children home.

Two weeks ago we had over 200 people gathered to watch the latest Invisible Children film “Tony”. There I finally had the chance to meet Jessica. It was interesting because the film celebrates the hardworking people who hit the road for I.C. and I couldn’t help but reflect on Jessica. Here is a girl who could basically do anything and she has committed all of her time and energy to being a voice for the children of Africa. It’s inspiring and powerful to witness.

Last night, Jessica and thousands others gathered in spots all over the world for Invisible Children: 25 : Break the Silence. Over 80,000 people committed to remaining silent for 25 hours, raising at least $25 and helping fund the IC Protection Plan. Together supporters raised over $1,657,000 and made a lot of noise by silently speaking out.

It’s impressive to see what the entire Invisible Children team has been able to accomplish this far. I know it’s only the beginning because at the heart of this movement are tenacious people like Jessica, who know the power they have to make an impact simply by not giving up.

Take a moment to watch this inspiring TEDxTeen talk from Invisible Children roadie Natalie Warne. She aptly titled her talk “Anonymous Extraordinaries” and I think that perfect sums up what makes change happen anywhere and everywhere. Be inspired.

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Our pals Koji (Colormake) and Brian (Resolve) have come together to make some noise. They have organized a video postcard campaign to members of Congress urging them to support funding the LRA strategy to protect communities in central Africa from the Lord’s Resistance Army.

What does this mean? There are people in congress who have the power to bring more healing and hope to central Africa. They want them to know there are people who care. You can be one of those people.

What can you do? Create a short video. Include the following: 1. Introduce yourself, and thank them for the work that they’ve already done on this issue. This bill was unanimously passed, and that’s awesome! Thank them for supporting in the past. 2. Share your story, why it’s important to you that they take action. 3. Ask them to do everything in their power to make sure this strategy gets funded!

It’s important we act fast. You can check out the progress of this awesome project here. Follow along with Brian and Koji’s adventures on the Resolve Tour blog here.

Together, we’re louder.

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Our friends at Falling Whistles are working to create free and fair elections in Congo.

From their website:
“Since independence in 1960, Congo has only held 2 legitimate elections. In the absence of democratic leadership, strong men have waged wars, leaving over 5 million dead…Local leaders across the country are working toward peace, but to get there they need a system for reform. Elections.”

You can learn more about this and sign the petition on their website at Fallingwhistles.com

Check out their video Baptism of Liberty about the changing world in the 1960s and how one man in Congo wanted to grant his country liberty.

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We seriously love Kickstarter and all the great things that have come from individuals or groups raising money through their services–including yours truly (more on that soon!).

One of our long time friends The Apache Relay is about to embark on a nationwide tour and they need all the support they can get! check out their Kickstarter page, front them a couple bucks and sit back and watch these guys ride to the top.

you can also check out these incredible (and exclusive) session we did with them almost a year ago:

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The guys at Cool People Care have come up with a great idea that reminds us that Christmas is not your birthday.
They are encouraging everyone to consider gifts that make an impact on not only the receiver of the gift but on the one who made the gift. Every friday this month they’ve released a new product or company that makes a big impact (kind of like our Fair Trade Friday)

Cool People Care and Love In Stereo are asking you to think about others this holiday season, “After all, Christmas is not your birthday.”

For a list of gifts with impact check out Coolpeoplecare.org

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Orders are now closed. Thanks to everyone who ordered! See you April 16!

The event will be SATURDAY APRIL 16 starting at 3:30 on the campus of Freed-Hardeman University in Henderson, TN. Day will include musical performances, film screenings, food and more.


3:30: TOMS PARTY begins on BK Lawn!
5:30: FOOD! Grill out and listen to music with us.
6:30: MEET THE ROADIES! Invisible Children will be in the lobby!
8:00: Get Involved! Discuss and find ways you can be a part of great things happening all over the globe. Whether it’s with TOMS, Invisible Children, Resolve, Humility Now or any of the other organizations – get involved.

This DAY OF AWESOME will also include musical performances from the always awesome SETH WOOD and A.N. PALAMARA. You won’t be disappointed.

For more information drop an email to hello@loveinstereo.com. All shoe orders must be received by March 31.

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