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Yesterday we launched a conversation: “Slacktivist No More”. What does real change look like? Join us as we wrestle with that question and attempt to discover people who are answering it. Today’s post comes from our friend Kathryn:

I went to a fancy-ish party tonight.

My dress was fab and so was the company. I wrangled Faith into coming and she happily accompanied me in a mustard-colored dress that I want in my closet now. I was excited to go to this fancy-ish party. Going to fancy-ish parties was something I wanted to do for my entire childhood. (Skip the princess fantasies, I literally wanted to go to fundraiser things as a child. So weird.) The cause for the fundraiser was something I completely support. I wanted to know more about a particular local rehab facility, except the whole event was approached in a totally weird way.

Donning a cocktail dress to celebrate/promote human trafficking awareness, does in fact, feel just as awkward as it sounds. Because it doesn’t correlate in my brain.

And now I can’t sleep.

Because I realize that as an adult, I’d rather be a do-er and not an aware-er.

(click the above image to be taken directly to Kathryn’s blog.)

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