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Real Beauty

I’ve seen Mean Girls several times.

I also attended and survived 4 years of high school. This qualifies me to say: some teenagers can be mean. This we know.

In high school I wasn’t the mean kid, but you wouldn’t exactly file me under “productive” or “useful” or “has ability to do anything”. Again and again you people keep sending us stories of teenagers who are changing the world. Here’s one girl. Her name is Madison. She’s in high school. She should be obsessed with herself, overly concerned with appearances and working on her SLAM book . . . but that’s not how Madison rolls.

Madison organized a beauty pageant for young girls with special needs. Her mission was simply to give them a chance to dress up, wear crowns, be told they are beautiful and make sure they had the best day ever. That’s exactly what happened – and then some. She enlisted the help of her friends from school, her entire church youth group and a whole community gathered together to celebrate some beautiful girls.

Today we just wanted to take a moment and celebrate this beautiful moment that happened because of a young girl who went against the norm. May that happen more and may our society grow to celebrate the true beauty.


Want to help a group of special needs athletes? Pick up our album ONE FOR THE TEAM. All proceeds go to helping create a unique field just for these kids in Jackson, TN! http://loveinstereo.com/onefortheteam/

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The above video was created for Warby Parker by the talented Adam Sjorberg. He worked alongside photographer Esther Havens to help tell the story of what these guys are doing.

Warby Parker is a perfect example of a company setting out to deliver not only a great product – but a great purpose.

“We’re trying to build a company where we’re excited and proud to come to work every day. We think it’s good business to do good.”

We love that.

Check out Warby Parker.
See more of Adam’s photo and video work.
Experience the work of Esther Havens.

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One of Nashville’s incredible indie artists, Andy Davis is putting together a brand new record. Through Kickstarter.com (Remember that website we used to raise money for our album? Yea that one!) Andy needs to raise $30,000 to release his new album. He’s got some pretty sweet perks for donating money. But the best one he’s offering is that for every backer that donates money local restaurant (a personal favorite of many of the LIS staff) Baja Burrito will donate a meal to the homeless through Nashville Rescue Mission!

$10 gets you started and gets a meal to a person in need in Nashville.

Check out this hilarious video Andy made about the project:

Oh and, Andy, if you see this, we’d love to talk to you about collaborating on future musical charity projects! Hit us up sometime!

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by Jonathan Newberry

I love simple things. Simple ideas. And it’s even better when those simple things can make a huge impact.

One such awesome simple idea comes from a nonprofit group called 100cameras. Here’s the basics of what they’re all about:

Step 1: They give a donated camera to person living in unjust conditions.
Step 2: They then use that camera, documenting their lives and telling their story.
Step 3: You buy the photo’s print. 100% of your money goes back to them.
Step 4: That person is empowered. And you have something beautiful as a reminder.

The 100cameras staff also works to implement a photography course among the children, including a series of introductory lessons about basic camera fundamentals. Both the course and the resources give children the opportunity to tell the stories their every day lives through these poweful images.

And here’s the simple way that you can help make a difference today:
Buy a print or card from 100cameras.org. With a small amount of money you can make a huge impact in Sudan, and you also get a great looking shot to hang on your wall.

And don’t forget, when someone purchases one of the children’s photos, 100 percent of that money is given back to the partner organization in the child’s community.

These photos are part of a 100cameras project, partnering with IWASSRU (International Widows Association for Southern Sudanese Refugees in Uganda) to benefit the orphans of Sudan. The project was taken to St. Bartholomew’s orphanage in Kajo Keji, Sudan.

The orphanage is home to 80 children in the southern Sudan region who have fallen victim to the 21-year civil war that has ravaged their country. Now their stories are brought to you. Have a glimpse into their reality. See what they see.

Jonathan Newberry is our super-talented webdesigner and LIS co-founder. You can contact him at jonathan [at] loveinstereo.com

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We posted a question on Facebook and asked our beloved fans what were some simple projects one could do to help other people in their community. Our friend Cale Sears reminded us of a popular way to help out those in need. With the holiday season, a lot of people are thinking about donating to food banks, here’s one way you can participate in that.

It’s called a Peanut Butter Drive. It’s one simple idea: you and your friends get together and collect as much peanut butter as you can and donate them to local food banks. This idea is so cool, even the Cheesecake Factory held a peanut butter drive, collecting more than 43,000 pounds of the creamy goodness in 2008.

Here’s some facts about Peanut Butter:
• Food Pantries are always in need of jars of peanut butter
• It’s packed with tons nutrients
• We’ve even heard that one jar can feed up to 7 people
• It’s super affordable for making donations
• It has a long shelf life

That’s awesome! How do I do it?
1. Tell your friends–make an event out of it! Announce it at your school, church or in your neighborhood.
2. Collect lots of peanut butter
3. Use the Feeding America Food Bank Search Engine to find a food bank in your area
4. Deliver the peanut butter
5. Take pictures, videos or write to us your story and we’ll “spread” the love to everyone.

Here’s some promotional materials to help you start your own peanut butter drive
8.5×11 Poster
5×7 Card Handout

It’s a simple way to make a big difference in the lives of others.

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