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It’s a concert in a toy store! What could be more awesome? Join us Monday August 15th for a special free event celebrating people bringing hope to their community through music! The magic will all go down at our favorite toy store: PoPo Cool Kid Stuff in Nashville, TN. This will be the setting for a special stop on indie rock band Rabbit‘s current tour.

“We want to use this summer tour to shine a little light on individuals who are finding creative outlets for our nation’s youth,” said Ashton Allen of Rabbit! The tour is called Rabbit’s Music Stand and will be a cross country adventure spanning 45 cities in 48 days. Along the way they’ll be filming a documentary, performing and promoting community programs that are providing arts and music to students.

The party will also feature some very special guests: a few students from the Southern Girls Rock and Roll Camp!

Southern Girls Rock & Roll Camp is a summer day camp for girls ages 10-17. SGRRC’s mission is to support a culture of positive self-esteem and collaboration among girls while building community through music. This is just one of the many awesome programs from our friends at YEAH (Youth Empowerment through Arts & Humanities). We want to celebrate the work they are doing and can’t wait for these girls to open the show!

There will be other surprises too! So don’t miss it! It’s free. It’s for kids of all ages. It’s a celebration of people making a difference.

Event Info:
Love In Stereo presents Rabbit! + Southern Girls Rock and Roll Camp
Monday August 15 at 5 PM
PoPo Cool Kid Stuff // 4017 Hillsboro Pike Suite 309A //Nashville, TN
RSVP on Facebook

Help us spread the word about this awesome night:

Twitter: Join me at the @love_in_stereo party with @saverabbit and @sgrrc!
(You can do better than the above tweet, but you get the idea right?)

Southern Girls Rock and Roll Camp
PoPo Cool Kid Stuff

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“We are part of a giving, creative community.”

An epic music event, Rock for Love, will be turning 4 this weekend and you’re invited. We had the chance to speak with Marvin Stockell and Jeff Hullett, two guys who help head this up. Both are known Memphis music guys: Marvin is in the band Pez and Jeff is all over the place with his band Snowglobe and tons of other music projects. (Jeff’s band Jeff James and the Haul gave a track to our project My Heart Is In Haiti)

Not only are they music guys, they also work with the Church Health Center.

Marvin explains, “The Church Health Center provides affordable health care for working uninsured people and their families.” Rock for Love allows the two to unite the Memphis music community behind something they both really care about. “I think musicians having been served by the Center – they get it. They realize how needed it is.”

Each year the event has raised several thousand dollars for a clinic that works to serve it’s community. Marvin says,”I think our music scene has a great big collective heart. It’s nice to see it come together across genre lines. We’ve got hip-hop, the lighter end of indie rock, some louder bands. It’s great to see the music scene come together and say – we’re going to do something for the community. We’re going to give back to something that has helped many of us.”

In the Memphis area? Rock for Love 4, a benefit for Church Health Center Aug. 19-21. Lucero, Amy LaVere, Glorie, the Magic Kids and the Dirty Streets are just a few of this year’s performers. Tickets are available at HiToneMemphis.com or at the door.

Not in the Memphis area? Check out the awesome online silent auction at http://auction.infolexa.com. The auction will close at midnight on Aug. 21.

Take a listen to the full interview. You’ll hear snippets from a few of the bands who’ll be there, plus get to know Jeff and Marvin a little better.

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Gift Card Giver

Last week we told you about Gift Card Giver, an innovative group that has found a way for you to take those gift cards wasting away in your back pocket and use them to help people in need. It’s a seriously cool idea. Think about it: everybody has gift cards. In fact they’ve found that billions of dollars go unused on gift cards every single year.

This summer they took their message on the road and set out collecting gift cards and driving up the east coast, west through the Great Lakes region, through Tennessee and back to home sweet home in Atlanta, GA. It was 30 cities in 30 days. We had the chance to spend some time with Russ, Summer and Leslie as they neared the last leg of their impressive journey:

Watch as Summer shares what happened when we were able to connect Gift Card Giver with our friends in Waverly, TN:

The Gift Card Giver + Waverly Story from Love In Stereo on Vimeo.

Got gift cards lying around at your house? Want to throw a gift card party in your town? Visit their site to find out how easy it is for you to get involved: giftcardgiver.com

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Camp Create

Disney World, the Grand Canyon, the local pool, the park, any place that has air conditioning. All these are primo spots for kids to spend their summer vacation. Their minds are as far away from school as possible, so what could possibly bring them back to the classroom in the middle of their summer break?

Camp Create!

Three days a week for every week during the month of July, Jane Edwards Elementary on Edisto Island in South Carolina is transformed into a place where about 50 students can continue their learning and still have fun at the same time.

The learning essentials, like math and reading, are striped of their mundanity as kids use Bingo and basketball to help them stay sharp just in time for school to start back up.

It’s by no means a solo effort, teachers, local volunteers, and the non-profit Sidewalk Chalk chip in to help coordinate and run the camp. (You may remember our article earlier this year on Sidewalk Chalk.) Lead by John Caspian and Jana Hodge, the Sidewalk Chalk folks brought that extra WOW factor. They helped lead activities that a lot of the children had participated in before.

Activities include:
-Sand art
-Learning to take pictures with digital cameras
-Putting on a student produced play
-Book raps
-Concrete poetry
-Field day
-World’s Largest Word-Search
-Field trips to the beach
-And much more!

A local wildlife refuge even brought in real life turtles and a snake much to the delight and horror of students and adults.

Our own Chad Biggar went down to Edisto Island with the awesomely talented people from Sidewalk Chalk to help a couple days a week. He sent us back these videos and pictures.


See more here.


Chad had this to say about his experience:

“Despite getting up earlier than I thought humanely possible, Camp Create is totally worth it. When given complete creative freedom kids can came up with some pretty amazing things you wished you had thought of. I’d much rather know they were debating whether or not to do a play about taxes was a good idea than be sitting around playing video games till the sun went down. It’s also great to see enthusiastic and positive volunteers who want nothing more than to give these kids the best four half-weeks of their lives. It’s been an great and eye opening experience all around. One of the best summer vacations I’ve ever had.”

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The Ed Thomas Story

Last week I was watching TV, and little did I know, was about to watch something that would alter my perspective on life.

Its the story of Ed Thomas. A man who was much more than just the high school football coach, he was a pillar of strength in the small town of Parkersburg, Iowa. He lived a life of service and leadership and was an inspiration to generations of families.

But this is not just your typical sports story. It is a story of compassion. Community. Faith. Forgiveness. Legacy. Courage. And all of it exemplified on an unbelievable scale. This is what loving your neighborhood is truly all about.

Please watch this video. Its a story that needs to be heard.

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Chris Dishman’s community of Waverly, TN was hit hard by the flood. There was no loss of life, however, the local elementary school was hit along with the junior high gymnasium. School was closed for the final 18 days.

A flooded elementary school is sad enough, but the teachers soon found that insurance would not cover personal items lost in the flood. They found that many of the teachers lost at least an average of a thousand dollars per classroom. “They are already underpaid and now face having to buy back items they feel is a necessity to help the kids,” says Dishman. “Many of these teachers lost a lot of sleep worrying about how they were going to replace things they lost. What made it worse was that they felt they were alone.”

10 thousand books in the school’s library are gone. 90 percent of computers are gone.

In many ways overshadowed by the devastation in other parts of the state, the town of Waverly has had to come together to rebuild. Today we invite you to join them. We have the chance to all pitch in with this community as they work to restore hope to their town.

Meet our friends Gift Card Giver. They brilliantly discovered that 10-15% of all gift cards go unused – meaning there’s billions of dollars out there sitting in people’s back pockets. By donating your new or used gift cards they set out to put the money where it needs to go. As part of their Summer Tour, the Gift Card Giver team will be making a stop in Waverly on July 29. They heard the story and they want to help!

You can too. Tell the story of Gift Card Giver to your friends, family, work, church, or any gathering. Collect the cards and send them to: Gift Card Giver Attn: WES Disaster Relief, PO Box 17628, Atlanta, GA 30316. They will in turn set out to provide the teachers with appropriate cards to meet their needs. We’ve already collected over 125 gift cards and they’re still coming!

Other ways you can pitch in:

Join the Waverly Elementary School Disaster Relief page on Facebook.

Donate money: A special fund has been set up at the Bank of America in Waverly.
Bank of America
Attn: WES Disaster Relief
208 West Main Street
Waverly, TN 37185

Donate time: Teachers at Waverly Elementary School need help getting things in order to start the year. Email us (hello@loveinstereo.com) if you would like to volunteer.

Vote for Waverly Elementary! Kohl’s is holding their 10th annual Kohl’s Cares contest. They are donating $500,000 to 20 different schools.

Visit Waverly:
Thursday July 22 is Lettuce Graze from 11-1:30 at the Waverly Church of Christ Enrichment Center. The event is an all you can eat specialty salad and dessert buffet. $6 ticket donation gets you in the door.
Thursday July 29 is the Disaster Relief Fair at historic Ray Hampton Stadium on the campus of Waverly Central High School. The event is 5 – 9 p.m. $1 donation to get in. There you’ll find carnival games, live music and more. The United Way will also be sponsoring a silent auction.

It’s going to take a lot of people coming together to help this community. It’s exciting to see what all has happened so far. Let’s keep it coming as we all pitch in to help get these kids back in their school!

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Last May when flooding hit central Tennessee and impacted businesses, homes and entire communities there came an outpouring of support from people across the country. Much good was done to bring relief, but unfortunately there are a few people who are still left in great need. In the coming days we’ll be sharing with you some ways YOU can help.

Today we invite you to help the people of Tent City. The men and women who inhabited this area were forced out and have found themselves spread out in new communities that haven’t been 100% welcoming. Our friend Will Smith (not the actor – but equally handsome) wanted to do something. He’s designed this shirt that displays We Are Nashville. In the aftermath of the flood several We Are Nashville items popped up, but Will wanted to make sure that this time the “we” included the homeless men and women of Tent City.

All of the proceeds from the sale of these shirts will go to help the homeless residents of Nashville’s Tent City who were displaced by the flood, moved from temporary location to temporary location, and are now faced with relocating once again. We will write a check to a group that works closely with the homeless of Nashville and knows their greatest needs. They will determine the best specific way to use the money, specifying only that it be used for Tent City residents.

“Tent Cities are America’s de facto waiting room for affordable and accessible housing. The idea of someone living in a tent in this country says little about the decisions made by those who dwell within and so much more about our nation’s inability to adequately respond to those in need.”
Neil Donovan, National Coalition for the Homeless

Shirts go on sale later this week! Stay tuned.

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You guys are amazing. When Love Your Neighborhood launched we invited you to talk to us. We’re in the discovery phase. We’re trying to find people who are addressing big needs in their towns in unique and creative ways. You’ve sent us some incredible people and places, but we were surprised when someone sent us in the direction of our own backyard just on the other end of the state: Chattanooga, TN.

I know some great people who grew up there (Hi Rylan!). One of my favorite bands came from there (Hi Moonlight Bride!). But I have to admit to you, I never thought of the area as a booming area of creativity and vision – until now.

Meet the good people of CreateHere.

This is a non-profit that has been working to build Chattanooga’s cultural economy through arts, economic and cultural development initiatives. Last year several volunteers from CreateHere set out to survey the entire community with what would become the world’s largest community visioning survey ever: STAND.

This was no small feat. With only 20% of the responses filled out online, this survey took a lot of time and work. These guys had to hit the streets finding out what people wanted to see happen in their community. It invited everyone to pitch in and make their town better and all they had to do was answer 4 questions.

CreateHere also have a great initiative called MakeWork. This serves to provide grants to artists so they can create beautiful things in Chattanooga. Since 2008 the program has awarded $450,000 to 55 artists and artisans. They see it as an investment to the community that will stimulate cultural and economic development across Chattanooga.

Check out this from their website:

We love our city for what it is, has been and could become.
But loving a city is no small task.

They also go on to pose this challenging question: How do you love a city? And what does it mean to work for sustainable progress where you live?

Check out CreateHere and see how they’ve responded to the needs in their community to help make it an inspiring, thriving neighborhood. Chattanooga took a situation of poverty, unemployment, pollution and is working to transform it by empowering people. Get inspired.

We invite you to ask the same question they asked: How do you love a city? Share your responses below. Feel free to email us anytime: hello(at)loveinstereo.com. Let’s see what can happen when we collaborate to all make our neighborhoods better!

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Thanks to everyone for your response to the Love Your Neighborhood campaign so far. We want to do a project in your town! We’re on a mission to help people across the globe and it starts right next door. Help us.

Here’s what this is all about:

Discovery. We want to find the unique needs different neighborhoods have. We want to meet new people and places. We’re hoping to discover interesting and effective ways people are helping their communities. Help us discover these!

Collaboration. We want to see different people join in together to help meet the needs of people in different towns, states and even countries. We’re looking for people, organizations, artists, and others young and old to team up to help meet needs in unique ways.

Action. At the end of the day we hope to have moved people into action wherever they are. We think that through discovery and collaboration we can all take action in some powerful ways that make a deep and lasting impact!

We’re ready! Are you?

How you can start:
Tell us about your neighborhood. Email or comment now!

As we mentioned yesterday, our first project is in Portland, Oregon and is going on right now. Next week we’ll be sharing some ways you can help make a difference in the neighborhoods there and some stories of what’s happened so far.

Looking forward to seeing what we can all do together. Help us spread the love. Email or comment below now!

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