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We can give you plenty of reasons why we’re fans of Nashville’s Apache Relay. Obviously there is, of course, the music. Their new album – of which you can get a free download, a great cover of Springsteen’s “State Trooper”, via their website– is going to be amazing. The band’s first release, 1988, is a solid effort, but we’re in love with the growth they’ve made since. Just take a listen to the above song “Fallen Man”.

We caught up with them right before they were set to open for The Bridges. The guys were kind enough to play an exclusive acoustic set for Love In Stereo in historic Old Chapel Hall. There we found a group of guys who just sound really great together. This old chapel made a great backdrop to these songs (which really showcase the growth of their songwriting), and to these musicians (who are as entertaining to watch as they are to hear).

They are great performers, generous, kind, loud, goofy, and know all the lines to the cinematic classic Heavyweights. After getting to know them, we only became even bigger fans.

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Extra: See their Old Chapel Hall performance of “War”
Buy ‘1988’ on iTunes
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