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Here at Love in Stereo, we love music (if you didn’t know that already). In anticipation of the release of our new album One for the Team, we wanted to start spreading the music love with some awesome artists that we have discovered on the interwebs. The best part? These artists are giving away their music for free! So we’re passing on the musical goodness to you.

His soulful voice and movie-like soundtrack sound compliment each other in a flurry of enthralling music. His album Love & War & The Sea In Between is a beautiful, spiritual journey through the heart of the singer/songwriter. This album is perfect for a lazy afternoon or as the soundtrack for your next project at work. the hints of classical, folk, bluegrass and hip-hop throughout this album make this one truly diverse story.

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Check back soon as we unveil some of the artists that will be appearing on our new album One for the Team!

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