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Who doesn’t love coffee? Some of us here can’t get enough of it! One of our favorite coffee roasters and distributers is Full Circle Exchange. Not only is their coffee rich in aroma and delicious flavor notes it’s rich in compassion and outreach. With each product purchased, whether it be coffee, tea or chocolate, you are helping promote a fair-trade business and in turn supporting families in need.

Learn more about their campaign here

Buy their products here. We highly reccomend the dark roast coffee. So delicious!

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These guys buy their beautiful handmade jewelry directly from the hands that make them. Net profit goes back to help Global Support Mission


Twitter: @redearthtrade

Red Earth Trading Co. – Promo 1 from Red Earth Trading Co. on Vimeo.

What are some other companies we should feature?

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Check out this awesome Etsy store filled with vintage apparel and nicknacks. All sales goes to help AIDS orphans in South Africa.

Divine Debris Vintage
Divine Debris Twitter
Project Colors

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The guys at Cool People Care have come up with a great idea that reminds us that Christmas is not your birthday.
They are encouraging everyone to consider gifts that make an impact on not only the receiver of the gift but on the one who made the gift. Every friday this month they’ve released a new product or company that makes a big impact (kind of like our Fair Trade Friday)

Cool People Care and Love In Stereo are asking you to think about others this holiday season, “After all, Christmas is not your birthday.”

For a list of gifts with impact check out Coolpeoplecare.org

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Want to spread some hope and cheer this Christmas? Want a new ornament for your tree? Need a gift idea? Check out Ornaments4Orphans.org

Here are some facts from their website:
Fact: This December over 50 million Americans will set up Christmas trees in their homes.
Fact: Over 12 million children in Sub-Saharan Africa have been orphaned due to AIDS.
What if there was a way to make these numbers meet?
Well this is exactly what Ornaments 4 Orphans is seeking to do. When you purchase a handcrafted Ugandan ornament from Ornaments4Orphans.org, 100% of the proceeds benefit orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda, East Africa.
That is a Christmas gift you can definitely feel good about giving.
Check out their website HERE.

Thanks to Tabitha Simmons for sending this our way!

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Sorry for the tardiness on this entry, we’ve all been stuffing our faces with delicious thanksgiving food!

No worries though, there’s no rush to buy things from this awesome website. Run by Ebay, World of Good has lots of gifts that fit any type of “goodprint” you care about. There’s things that are eco-friendly, animal friendly, cause supporting and things that support the maker of the gift.

There’s so much stuff here you could get all your gift shopping done in one place and make a big impact in many different ways.

Check out World of Good here

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We Are What We Do has the simple idea that “Small Actions + Lots of People = Big Change” and through that, they’ve had more than 83,000 people have completed 4 million smal actions to make a difference in everyone’s life; everything from “Be Dutch and ride your bike to work” to “Share a piece of your history with someone else.”

They also sell some neat things on their store. All proceeds go to continue the efforts of We Are What We do.

Our personal favorite is the Tweet Towel. You can purchase a towel with a custom Twitter message of your choice embroidered onto the fabric. Pretty cool!

Check out their stuff

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What an awesome idea. OPC takes awesome old book covers and prints them onto t-shirts. The best part? with every t-shirt purchased they donate to a community in Africa through the Books For Africa Program

From their website: Out of Print celebrates the world’s great stories through fashion. Our shirts feature iconic and often out of print book covers. Some are classics, some are just curious enough to make great t-shirts, but all are striking works of art.

So if you’re a fan of Catcher In The Rye or The Great Gatsby you can show it through these awesome shirts, and support a great cause while you’re at it!

Check out their store here

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by Jonathan Newberry

I love simple things. Simple ideas. And it’s even better when those simple things can make a huge impact.

One such awesome simple idea comes from a nonprofit group called 100cameras. Here’s the basics of what they’re all about:

Step 1: They give a donated camera to person living in unjust conditions.
Step 2: They then use that camera, documenting their lives and telling their story.
Step 3: You buy the photo’s print. 100% of your money goes back to them.
Step 4: That person is empowered. And you have something beautiful as a reminder.

The 100cameras staff also works to implement a photography course among the children, including a series of introductory lessons about basic camera fundamentals. Both the course and the resources give children the opportunity to tell the stories their every day lives through these poweful images.

And here’s the simple way that you can help make a difference today:
Buy a print or card from 100cameras.org. With a small amount of money you can make a huge impact in Sudan, and you also get a great looking shot to hang on your wall.

And don’t forget, when someone purchases one of the children’s photos, 100 percent of that money is given back to the partner organization in the child’s community.

These photos are part of a 100cameras project, partnering with IWASSRU (International Widows Association for Southern Sudanese Refugees in Uganda) to benefit the orphans of Sudan. The project was taken to St. Bartholomew’s orphanage in Kajo Keji, Sudan.

The orphanage is home to 80 children in the southern Sudan region who have fallen victim to the 21-year civil war that has ravaged their country. Now their stories are brought to you. Have a glimpse into their reality. See what they see.

Jonathan Newberry is our super-talented webdesigner and LIS co-founder. You can contact him at jonathan [at] loveinstereo.com

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We hit the jackpot on this one. It’s not just one gift, it’s an entire store devoted to sustainable and fair trade products. They have everything from jewelry and cosmetics to food, housewares,and apparel. Stuff so good, you could get your Christmas shopping done way early.

From Trade As One’s website: Our mission is to use fair trade to promote sustainable business and break cycles of poverty and dependency in the developing world. We all have a conscience. We want to make sure people get the chance to use it when they shop.

Check out their vast catalog of goods here

Not only can you browse their site and buy their products, you can find one of their trading posts at cafes, churches and bookstores across the country.

In the corporate world, they have corporate gift options for your employees and/or clients

Check out this video that can explain more than we could in a few words.

Follow Trade As One:

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