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Disney World, the Grand Canyon, the local pool, the park, any place that has air conditioning. All these are primo spots for kids to spend their summer vacation. Their minds are as far away from school as possible, so what could possibly bring them back to the classroom in the middle of their summer break?

Camp Create!

Three days a week for every week during the month of July, Jane Edwards Elementary on Edisto Island in South Carolina is transformed into a place where about 50 students can continue their learning and still have fun at the same time.

The learning essentials, like math and reading, are striped of their mundanity as kids use Bingo and basketball to help them stay sharp just in time for school to start back up.

It’s by no means a solo effort, teachers, local volunteers, and the non-profit Sidewalk Chalk chip in to help coordinate and run the camp. (You may remember our article earlier this year on Sidewalk Chalk.) Lead by John Caspian and Jana Hodge, the Sidewalk Chalk folks brought that extra WOW factor. They helped lead activities that a lot of the children had participated in before.

Activities include:
-Sand art
-Learning to take pictures with digital cameras
-Putting on a student produced play
-Book raps
-Concrete poetry
-Field day
-World’s Largest Word-Search
-Field trips to the beach
-And much more!

A local wildlife refuge even brought in real life turtles and a snake much to the delight and horror of students and adults.

Our own Chad Biggar went down to Edisto Island with the awesomely talented people from Sidewalk Chalk to help a couple days a week. He sent us back these videos and pictures.


See more here.


Chad had this to say about his experience:

“Despite getting up earlier than I thought humanely possible, Camp Create is totally worth it. When given complete creative freedom kids can came up with some pretty amazing things you wished you had thought of. I’d much rather know they were debating whether or not to do a play about taxes was a good idea than be sitting around playing video games till the sun went down. It’s also great to see enthusiastic and positive volunteers who want nothing more than to give these kids the best four half-weeks of their lives. It’s been an great and eye opening experience all around. One of the best summer vacations I’ve ever had.”

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