Photograph courtesy Helen Michelsen

  • Ben + Vesper are a talented New Jersey couple with a band and kids.

    We had the great fortune of meeting up with this creative duo on their recent stop in Memphis, TN and we quickly fell in love with the two. Not only was it a great show, but they are just really great people. The two were on tour with some of their Sounds Familyre labelmates Danielson and Ortolan. Their most recent EP “LuvInIdleness” is a great one and is onsale now: here.

    Here we chat about creativity, collaboration, married life, ego in music and Weathervane, a special organization helping independent artists.
    Watch Ben’s How-To Video for their latest EP
    Download free album from Vesper

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    1. Phillip the Magnificent:

      Where can I get that tie? Incredible.

      2:22 pm on March 31st, 2010

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