Real Beauty

I’ve seen Mean Girls several times.

I also attended and survived 4 years of high school. This qualifies me to say: some teenagers can be mean. This we know.

In high school I wasn’t the mean kid, but you wouldn’t exactly file me under “productive” or “useful” or “has ability to do anything”. Again and again you people keep sending us stories of teenagers who are changing the world. Here’s one girl. Her name is Madison. She’s in high school. She should be obsessed with herself, overly concerned with appearances and working on her SLAM book . . . but that’s not how Madison rolls.

Madison organized a beauty pageant for young girls with special needs. Her mission was simply to give them a chance to dress up, wear crowns, be told they are beautiful and make sure they had the best day ever. That’s exactly what happened – and then some. She enlisted the help of her friends from school, her entire church youth group and a whole community gathered together to celebrate some beautiful girls.

Today we just wanted to take a moment and celebrate this beautiful moment that happened because of a young girl who went against the norm. May that happen more and may our society grow to celebrate the true beauty.


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