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The Voice Project is amazing.

Here’s the basic story: women in Northern Uganda have a very important message they are trying to send out to their sons. The message: “Dwog Paco”. These are the Acholi words for “Come home.” Joseph Kony’s LRA has abducted countless young children and forced them to do unthinkable things. Many of these abductees and former soldiers escape but hide in the bush, afraid to return home because of reprisals for the atrocities they were forced to commit.

The Voice Project supports these women and the peace movement in Uganda. They use money from donations, sponsors and advertisers to support programs on the ground in Uganda that aid peace and rebuilding efforts.

It’s about seeing how far a voice can carry.

Many of the women in Uganda record themselves singing songs and chanting the message: “come home”. These messages are then broadcast on radio with the hopes that these former soldiers know they are safe, they are missed and they are forgiven.

The Voice Project has been working on something really cool. Artists do covers of songs they love. They then pass it on in the hopes that the artist will then cover someone else. The videos serve to amplify the message of the peace movement in Uganda. They’ve had some incredible artists: Andrew Bird, Peter Gabriel, Billy Bragg, Broken Social Scene (just to name a few). Recently our pal Koji recorded his cover of Ted Leo‘s “Biomusicology”. It’s beautiful. It’s embedded above. Enjoy.

Koji also recently hit the road on the Amplify Peace Tour. There he used his influence and energy to spread the message further. You can now do the same. Purchase one of the tour shirts and spread the “Dwog Paco” message everywhere you go:

Purchase The Amplify Peace Tour t-shirt here!

Check out The Voice Project here.

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  1. Survivor:

    This had a big impact on me in high scohol when my world history teacher had us watch it as a class. My teacher had us promise not to talk about things that happened in the class while watching the movie. What I can say is that no one was tearless. We all understood that what is happening in Uganda is wrong and needed to stop. We decided to join the invisible children club and have pen pals with kids in or near Uganda. My friends name was Derek and we mailed each other for quite a while until one of the kid soldiers took him from his mother and killed her. I only know this because a scohol girl wrote back to my last letter to him. I always think about what I could do to help and if he is ok. I haven’t gotten anything back so that means Kony still has him or he was killed for not listening to orders. The government doesn’t realize that Kony is another Adolf Hitler. He needs to be stopped so that African children can be safe. I really don’t like knowing that Derek could be alive and doing what someone did to him. I can just imagine how bad he is feeling. I join the 2012 movement to help bring notice to this problem but yet the government still just sits back. Sure Jason went crazy but that doesn’t mean that these kids don’t need us.

    4:22 am on December 18th, 2015

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