7900 Miles

From Memphis, TN to Addis Ababa, Ethiopa it’s roughly 7,900 miles.

That’s also the distance between the Osburn family and their little girl.

It has been estimated that over 149 million children are orphaned across the world in this global crisis. Amidst this overwhelming statistic there are many who are opening their hearts and homes to children in need – one by one.

The Osburn family has been working to welcome a new face to their family. Their little girl, whose name means ‘peace’, will be welcomed into the arms of a loving mother, father and four siblings in just a matter of weeks, You can follow the beautiful journey at Julie Osburn’s blog. There she shares the pain, joy and general uncertainty of the adoption process in such peaceful, honest ways. It’s inspiring and encouraging to read.

Now you can help the Osburns! In a short time they will be making the journey to finally hold their daughter. There is a shirt available. It’s message: “Love Is Not a Color“. By purchasing a shirt, the Osburn family receives $10 towards their adoption and travel expenses. Take a moment and help a family who is making a great difference.

Buy your shirt and read more about this family here.

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